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Soundrecording / GH2 / 2 AKG C2000 mics adapted via 48v. ooc sound
  • Small recording where I did use the on board recording of sound, and no editing of the sound. "quick and dirty" all ooc


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  • Dear Markussen, what do you mean by ooc sound ? Which phantom power adapter did you use?

  • ooc = Out Of Camera... i did not use any equallizer/compressor .. simply left the sound "as is" ( and the picture as well) I used a double 48v adapter, which simply is set inline from the mics to the GH2 to supply the 48v, I suppose you can use any preamp w 48V as well, or f.eks. AKG C1000 or any other mic with build in powersource to save the 48v adapter. Ofcourse the setup of mics, and ambient sound can influence the result, I just wanted to motivate to accept that the small so tiny 2,5mm "audio in" on the GH2, can be used seriously... and no hazzle with external sound sycronization...

  • Which "double" 48v adapter did you use exactly? Is it at Denecke one?

  • I suppose you can use ANY... if you know that BRAND ? ;-) I am far from home now.. XLR in/out which adds 48v, thats all.... search the net for options... Kurt

  • Nice - I find the GH2 onboard sound is certainly more than OK for a lot of purposes and saves a lot of messing about. In your video the sound image shifts around quite dramatically as he moves his head from side to side, which makes it something to consider as camera movements would cause similar shifts with a static sound source - but narrowing the stereo in post would solve that.

  • Mark_the_harp the mics in this case where positioned just outside the picture left/right about 50 degrees each side of center, and the change in distance ofcourse do change dramatically the pan... to place the mics more towards the camera ( less open angle) would make a more "smooth" shift, but was my first attempt. At first I was impressed that i could get such a dynamic and stereo sound... just ooc...

  • Dear Markussen, there aren't that many 48v phantom power adapters to my knowledge, I mean basic, compact and possibly light ones. I have tried a few already. If, when possible and convenient, you could tell what you are using, it might help. Thanks.

  • @markussen it's a very nice smooth sound!

  • Thanks Mark, I respect your huge experience with music..... still practising..

    to vanderbo : search the internet, I get several brands and options searching from here in Addis Abeba... I did search: dual 48v phantom power adapter ...