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Development plans
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  • Sorry guys but a GH3 firmware hack would hurt GH4 sales badly. I don't think Vitaliy wants to start a war with Panasonic. My estimate is that we have to wait until 2015. I want the firmware as much as everyone else but lets use same common sense here. Joesh, I don't think Vitaliy is going to receive any donations to buy GH4 body, if he doesn't complete the GH3 firmware first. Even if he enters the GH4 to development plans I see the firware at least 3 years from now.

  • Sorry guys but a GH3 firmware hack would hurt GH4 sales badly. I don't think Vitaliy wants to start a war with Panasonic.


  • Please Vitaliy, don't make Panasonic go bankrupt with your 8K 4:4:4 GH3 hack

  • Maybe we should keep this topic just about developments and updates. and not about wild guesses and comparisons. Or things like it is bad for Panasonic or make sales go bad. To make things clear, 4k or even 8k is unfortunately "not" going to happen on the GH3, as that is what Vitaly told me in a private mail.

    GH4 is a totally different system (Re-engineered) than the GH3 even though it looks the same on the outside.

    For Panasonic this is positive in either way, the GH4 is already selling well. The GH3 will perhaps sell better too after a hack. The only thing resides is, what can this hack offer to make the GH3 a better camera than it already is?

    We have to wait and see, i did not get information yet about a release or when. Only time will tell.

  • @lonely1 So, if we're not talking about impact to Panasonic, is it your understanding too through Vitaliy that a GH4 hack is at least 3 years away?

  • @lonely1 Off the top of my head ... a patch that increases the fps recorded internally with sound would be a patch that would make the GH3 better then it already is. The Panasonic FZ200 can record 120 fps in MP4 (1280x720), but there are limitations. Exposure is locked & there isn't any sound. If a ported GH3 could provide slow motion with sound ... that would be a HUGE! Almost as huge as 8K 4:4:4 @flablo ;)

    @joesh GH4 hack?!? LOL

  • @joesh i don't see panasonic getting any impact if someone hacks their camera fw at home if you already payed for the GH3 and own it. You can do with it what you want. On the positive side even for panasonic, if the hack is very useful and implement more things than panasonic has given us, there will be more buyers for the GH3 and they will sell their product better, and that all because of a hacked/modified fw.

    From what i have heard, it is a lot harder to hack this fw than on the GH2 back then. I can't say how far a release is of, only Vitaly knows that. Sorry.

  • unfortunately been two years and GH3,remained impenetrable.I can not wait another two years....I ordered A7S,I bought Ninja Blade and it will be ok.4K yet is far enough .. some stations were still broadcasting SD.

  • It's been 18 months, not two years.

  • @liondor1969

    You shouldn't have purchased a camera expecting someone to hack it.

  • I do not need it hack,I bought NINJA all I need..codec,control,info..and most importantly, recording 50P 1920X1080

  • I only needed at least 100-120fps with GH3 and I would be the happiest person in the world!

  • Hi Vitaliy,

    There is a service manual for GH3, I think you might have already know or seen it, right?

  • I just wanna have NTSC and PAL on my GH3. Slowmo if possible. Peaking would be great.

  • Hey VK,

    I recently got an awesome deal on a unit

    Thing is I have a high school reunion next week and would really appreciate a hack for a cleaner image, increased titrate and to give her sensor more dynamic range and sensitivity. Not asking for much, just something like

    If you could manage it before Friday, that would be great. I'd be willing to donate $5 at Christmas time. Feel free to PM me when you get bored and need more suggestions on modifications.

  • If you could manage it before Friday, that would be great.


  • Vitaliy, are the film modes hacks on GH2 still being worked on, or is this abandoned? :)