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Shorts Shot on Film!
  • ITT, Shorts that are shot on film.

    This thread is to remind people what film actually looks like. Funky homebrewed filters that apply arbitrary color curves to your digital footage is not a real film look. Applying too much grain, scratches, and light leaks is not a film look. I have never shot moving images on film but I've shot my share of stills on a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic that my mom bought back in the late 1960's and the instagram style colour filters that are touted as a film look for stills and video drive me insane.

    Feel free to share your own shorts or music videos that are shot on film. 35, 16, 8mm, and even Imax is welcome here. To keep it easy to navigate and discuss lets keep it to one video per post.

    Here's the first, Shot on Kodak 35mm with ARRI cameras.

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  • Shot on 35mm Kodak and Panavision cameras.

  • I shot this film on 35mm Kodak Vision stock back when we still did that kind of thing.

  • Run by Boyd Hobbs

    Arri 435 on Kodak 5219 w/ Kowa Anamorphics.