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  • I've shot this over a weekend last summer with a view of using it to raise funding to shoot the whole film.

    Check it out, it's short & sweet:

    Help us to make it happen, we need your voice.

    Go to and be part of it! We launched a crowdfunding campaing, it's live until May 21 so don't wait too long!

    Thanks for reading, J.

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  • I really like it, congratulations!

    But I think this definitely isn't GH2, all the Lumix series don't give this authentic film look. Or am I wrong?

  • Thanks! Nope, you are right, Canon 7D

  • You're welcome!

    GH2, GH3 and GH4 - all they give nice looking video, but even GH4 with its higher dynamic range and 4K gives "thin" shape of the objects on video.

  • Purely as a trailer I think it is nice but a little too long.

    I have no idea what is meant by authentic film look, it looks fairly digital to me. The scenes with faster motion especially look unfilmlike to me with a few of them even looking like they were interlaced video.

    Was it shot with a real anamorphic lens or was it a crop? I would think the lower resolving power of the 7D wouldn't be the best choice for an anamorphic project.

    I do think it looks like a great project though and a big congrats for working on a project of this size. Best wishes with the funding and the title search!

  • If we're looking for the camera that looks like film, well that'll be your film camera.

    Everything else - from weddings to corporate videos to dramas look to me like another insurance commercial; as much like film as a plastic, fake-wood-grain hi-fi speaker cabinet from the 1980's looks like real wood.

    So forget the film-look and make with the real, coming-of-age quality digital-look video already. FWIW :-)

  • This trailer is a new one on me. Unless a lot's been going on in film financing while I've not been paying attention, it looks like professional publicists have taken over crowd-sourcing.

    This particular campaign strikes me as a very well-run advertising pitch: the artwork, camera work acting and (who knows, maybe even the script and direction) for those 2 minutes 7 seconds are all first class.

    There are car-cam shots, good grip work, lots of stuff which would have already blown their budget in the Vimeo clip alone! Are they going to get the same crew back?

    The only giveaway is the director's spiel:

    Au cours des trois prochains mois il faut organiser des castings et répéter les scènes avec les acteurs.

    Which seems weird: why on earth would you re-cast when the trailer's actors are all clearly doing such a good job?

    Did the actors get paid for this trailer/advert? Or are they hoping for crowd-sourcing to pay? Is there a publicist's fee which must be paid by the crowd-investors before any shooting gets done? Will the film made for this derisory sum of €8,000 be anything like the ---trailer--- advert?

    In a nutshell, (caveat emptor), this looks too good for the money.

  • looks like a movie though i have no idea what the movie is about.

  • Ça déconne pas! Fort bien :-)

  • merci pour le compliment. N'hésitez pas à joindre la page FB si vous voulez rester au courant des évolutions...

  • Goanna - thanks for your compliments. The truth of the matter is... it's just me, myself and I. I wish there was a publicist or even a producer backing but no, at least not yet. The trailer you saw was shot over a weekend, just a DP, the actors and I. That's the way I've shot my shorts, which, if you're interested, you can see on my website

  • Joli travail!

  • Merci Astraban

  • Sorry for late reaction jpbturbo, and thank you for your kind words. To answer your question, most parts were shot real anamorphic with the LA7200, a few shots were cropped

  • DP knows how to light with minimum resources. What glass did you use between the 7D and the LA7200? Was there a diopter in front for the close up (car) shots or that's where you cropped to scope?

  • we used Nikon primes and +0,5 & +1 diopters. Some of the shots were done on the GH2 which is better for the LA7200 with it's smaller sensor. The close-up car shot was cropped indeed.

  • Now you succeeded in getting that pretty minimal funding, how's the production going?

  • Thanks for your follow up Goanna. Shooting is scheduled for November now, had to postpone somewhat (time vs. money...). Watch this space!

  • Please keep us informed. I just found this thread and watched your trailer for the first time. I had the same reaction as goanna up thread, the lighting, camera work and acting are all very professional.

  • Thanks CrazyPete. It's all about going the extra mile with limited means. If you want to stay abreast of progress and have a Facebook account, the easiest is still to join the page