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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @MazMX5 It is a world camera in the sense that you have all system frequencies available in any GH4, but obviously they are still differentiated by region - a camera sold in the EU will have the 30 min limit regardless of recording mode and frequency, while a camera sold in the US won't. The EU manual will probably include a note about the limit.

  • Hey, might as well get the unboxing video out of the way right?

  • Someone should get their cat to play with the empty box after unboxing ... kill two birds with one stone.

  • "Someone should get their cat to play with the empty box after unboxing ... kill two birds with one stone."

    ...and then blend the lot.

  • @AdamT

    I am thinking about making video contest about unboxings only :-)

  • @roly: It's strange that only the redcoon subsidiary in Spain has the GH4 listed in their online shops, while redcoon subsidiaries in all other countries do not list it.

  • I ordered a gh4 just in anticipation. Bring it on!:)

  • Wahoo, B&H just updated the GH4 page to show "Expected availability: April 25 2014" from April 30.

  • @joe1946

    Sweet, I ordered day 1 so lets see if they ship tomorrow. Nice!

  • Possibly useful info for anyone in N America looking for a body:

    Glazers (Seattle) has a bunch in stock right now.

    In Canada, The Camera Store in Alberta is advertising at $1778 Vs $1899 everywhere else. However they told me they have a lot of pre-orders and you may not get one right away.

    Leos in Vancouver has a few spots left on their list and are selling at $1849 ($200 down to reserve)

    However I just went into London Drugs downtown where they have 20 on order and only a few spots taken. They price matched The Camera Store and gave me another $10 just to be nice. So mine'll be coming in at $1769. BTW this is in CAD which equates to $1605 US

  • @melf31 Thanks for the tip. Just grabbed a body from Glazers, ships out tomorrow 2nd day air! They said they still had a few bodies in stock.

  • Ahh ... got my GH3 from Glaziers, would love to be able to place that order ... ;-)

  • Remind you that we got first stock of GH4 bodies and kits,

    Most of the first batch already reserved or sold. So, remember to act as they are still available, especially considering that Panasonic again failed to meet demand.

    Will be shipped on Monday 28 April
    GH4 body price - $1698
    and GH4+12-35mm+64Gb Panasonic SDHC UHS Speed Class 3 card kit - $2400
    prices include shipping to US/CA/UK/AU/NZ/Western Europe
    No time limits like US

    You can send me PM ( ) to pay for your body/kit.

  • Zero availability here in Asia. What a shame.

  • Texas Media Systems started shipping their Gh4's already. My GH4 arrives next Monday - can't wait!

  • For those with the GH4 now.. how do you set the C4K mode? After selecting MOV, I only have the 4K modes on page 1.

  • image

    4K video recording has gained the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 the most attention, and with a staggeringly wide range of options and ways to extend the camera's operation on offer, the GH4 really can be used for everything from handheld-shooting to a full broadcast environment. While consumer support for 4K video is thin on the ground at the moment, including it means that the GH4 is very future-proof.

    The Panasonic GH4's still image quality is also improved, especially the high ISO performance. Images shot at ISO 100-1600 are clean, with a little noise appearing at 3200 and more at the still very usable setting of 6400.

    800 x 668 - 104K
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev GH4 kit price looks great - if I was in market I'd jump on this offer.

  • @Karl

    Just seen your comment. Yes, it is odd, but they have been generally very reliable in the past. Their prices are always VERY cheap, I bought my GX7 from them at a price I haven't yet seen bettered in the EU, an Olympus flash at half price, etc. They have also rush-sent me goods at no extra cost.

    But we'll see about the GH4, I guess!

  • Panasonic Japan posted a message noting that orders for the GH4 have exceeded their internal expectations, and apologized to buyers who will have to wait for their cameras to arrive. They're beginning to ramp up production in order to fulfill the demand for the camera.

    As usual...

  • Adorama just removed the preorder box of text on their gh4 page. I hope this is good news and not just a stall tactic.

    Come on Panasonic, ramp up production people are waiting!

  • GH4 in stock at Adorama (few units):

  • Mine is being shipped from Adorama today. Won't be long now.

  • I got mine yesterday. Very Excited to begin some 4k shooting. :)

    ( I guess you lose some viewing area while shooting in 4k.)

    Wondering about the micro HDMI. That cable needs to be able to handle 4K. Panasonic doesnt make one. I am having issues finding one. (the support for the camera seems to be in the pipes for now.)

    The memory cards are EXPENSIVE ! whoa 64gb $245.00.

    The camera itself is VERY NICE ! The body seems to be Identical to the GH3 with exception of the locking button, a better feel in the grip, and larger eye piece.

    -if anyone has any links to hdmi micro 4k cables (I need a 90 angle on the micro side), I would be very thankful:)

    Kinda disappointed there is no 1080/120.