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Black Magic Studio Camera – m43 and Broadcast-Savvy
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  • I believe the CCU functionality is also available via HDSDI

    "Now you can remote control your camera! The Blackmagic Studio Camera can be remotely controlled from your ATEM live production switcher via the SDI connections for more professional production. "

  • @thorn "The monitor screen itself is odd. Not every PA is nearly 6ft tall (and they don't dress like that, either) like the guy in the mockup. How exactly is a PA going to see the screen if they're barely past 5ft, because it doesn't TILT DOWN. You can't just lower the entire camera on a set; the camera height has to remain constant. Amateur oversight by BMD."

    Haha. I suppose PA's would have to be BMD-certified for size going forward. Good catch, I didn't see it though it's glaringly obvious. We both know this would be a fringe solution for new installations only. I do see it in my market (corporate live events) - when I decide to go HD it will be at the top of the list. That would be around when consumers start buying en-masse into 4K :)

  • @kavadni "I believe the CCU functionality is also available via HDSDI" Yes but how does that work. It's not triax, it's plain HDSDI. There is no spec for CCU signalling, just embedded audio channels. They could I suppose hijack some of those on the HDSDI in (when used for return PGM), but it would be a proprietary hack, usable only with their 2 M/E mixer.

    More likely their marketing overstated the pitch and CCU control is available only over the fiber link.

  • @radikalfilm, from what I gather the CCU control will go into all the switchers, well at least in their software.
    I have read in other forums that the talkback hijacks channels 15 and 16.