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GF2 + 14mm Deal
  • Take a deep breath.

    Goto Order GF2 with 14mm.

    Enter EMCKAJE92 promotion. Only $439.99.

    Sell GF2 body around $330. Keep the lens.

    After the firmware update, this tiny lens becomes almost stepless on GF3. It will work like 14-140 at 14mm. I hope new GH2 firmware will enable the feature, too.
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  • Worked for me. Thanks for the post.

    Already have the GF2 sold for $300.00. Great way to get the 14mm for $139.00.
  • Believe it or not... $139 is the price of the lens in Asia. The lens is so overpriced in the States.
  • Japan, Korea
  • out of stock now...
  • Sorry to hear that.

    Panasonic makes good m43 lenses, and most of them are kit lenses unlike Canon and Nikon.

    Buy a new body kit at deep discount. Then sell the body.
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