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Development plans
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  • great to hear :)

  • New here, just bought my first panasonic, the LX7. I have been shooting with Canon with Magic Lantern.

    I'm really hoping this thing does what I need as well as I think it will. A hack to get higher bitrates would be awesome! Also, being new to hacked Panasonics I don't know what is possible but adding focus peaking like they did with ML would be even more awesome.

    Should I make a donation now or wait until you are ready to work on the LX7?

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  • @VK
    Dear Vitaliy, thank you so much for still improving the GH1, it is somehow getting forgotten and it is still an amazing camera!

  • @Leto

    We today purchased LX7 :-)

  • Made a small contribution. Happy to give more later when lx7 project underway. $299 on Amazon!

  • Hi every body.

    Dear Vitaliy, will you work on the new olympus xz-2 some day? I'm seriously thinking to buy it, because, this is a really good camera... but the hack of the video recording time limit just miss me... and perhaps other cool bonus that i'll look for when i'll have it...

    Thanks for all job.

  • Dear Vitaliy, will you work on the new olympus xz-2 some day?


    And what is wrong with LX7?

  • I have used your hack since my first EVIL GF1, now I'm using GX1 with better image quality and looking forward to manuel modes on new cameras. It's on your list and I should say thank you very much for your hard work, a late greeting :) 

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev maybe I lost some news...

    Did you buy GH3 bodies?

  • Did you buy GH3 bodies?

    Not bodies, but body. And answer is negative, usually they get body as soon as they become actually in stock.

  • Is the GF5 currently hacked?

  • @TheNewDeal

    We have GF5, but not the hack yet.

  • Thanks. They are currently on Amazon Lightning deal with X zoom lens.

  • Any progress on LX7? I can donate again ;-)

  • @Leto

    I already specially mentioned that modern cameras hacking is long shot thing.

  • "is long shot thing" Not sure of the English colloquialism here: by "long shot" do you mean something that is unlikely to happen or something that will take a while?

  • @Leto

    I mean that it'll take quite a time.

  • Hi Vitaliy! I read in the first post of this topic that you´ll have some time to spend with our, yet "old" but still interesting, GH1, so... how is this coming along? :-) Any progress with these matrixes? Thanks for your hard work! Asier.

  • @Asiertxu

    Hope it'll be present in one of next versions, RIght now not done.

  • These are some NICE news!! :-) Thanks for all your efforts! Cheers... Asier.

  • Hello Vitaliy. How is work going on the goals set by these Dev Plans ? Has any progress been made ? I normally dislike bugging the dev's , but quite a few months passed and I am dying of curiosity and would love to hear any kind of news on this topic.

  • Is it possible to disable noise reduction on video mode? Possibility to set "noise reduction setting" more than -2 would nice too.

  • Hallo Vitaliy..GH3 remain in work?something we hope to work with GH3 hacked ?I ask this because I have not seen any information regarding this job. Thank you and waiting for news from NAB..


  • @liondor1969

    You found old topic :-) Yep, it is.

  • Hi Vitaliy Will the GH4 enter this thread at some point?