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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • @fancydancer already posted this but I will do it again. Go to Vimeo and download the original 4K file of this video, then drop it into your NLE. I was blown away at how well the footage color corrected and sharpened up. If you downsample from 4K to 1080p and set an unsharp mask in AE to 100% with a 1 pixel radius, the footage looks amazing, far better than what's on Vimeo.

  • Straight out of camera: After CC and sharpening:

    Some things to notice: the detail in the individual links of the chain holding up the boat. The complete lack of aliasing on the rail at the top of the building in the background (even at 100% magnification). The lack of clipped blacks in the shadows underneath the bridge, even with the cloudless afternoon sky in the background.

  • So, I think some people have been put off by the harshness of the color and tonality in the footage that's been released so far. I did a quick log-esque grade in Resolve (probably a bit farther than most would do, but that was the point) of the 4k footage posted by Emmanuel Pampuri. You can see it here: .

    It's in 1080p but if you click the down arrow on the left hand side you can download the full 4k version in 4:2:2 ProRes HQ (probably a bit overkill, but I didn't want to downgrade the original footage.) I also limited each scene to 4 seconds to keep the filesize low.

  • Uh. Why on earth would some want to sharpen GH4K footage! It's already (too) sharp with kind of aliased edges. (might be micro sized compression artifacts).

  • Thank you guys for the video. I took the liberty of extracting with Premiere pro pictures from each scene for everybody to be able to play with: Best regards.

  • I did a read about the Panasonic Cinegamma-D and Cinegamma-V concept used in previous cameras.

    The D version is intended for a flat look to do post grading. The V version is intended for something like "in-camera grading" improving dynamic range without the flat look.

    If the V version delivers a good dynamic range with good calibrated gamma and contrast straight from camera it will be great for a fast workflow.

    It would be interesting to see a comparison between both D and V and also a comparison among the curves presets for shadow/highlight improvement.

    I am keeping the GH2 because it is a great camera and no money for a GH4 now, but it is interesting to see how the technology is improving.

  • Next thing in demand: good scaling algorithms (that are quick and easy to implement)

  • Im shure we will see those algotithms very soon.

  • To my mind, the files coming from Emmanuel Pampuri are awesome !!! I didn't expext so much dynamic for this little "cheap" camera... Men... that's a mirrorless camera coming à 1500 euros !!! What did you get in the near past for this amount ? 7D ? F.....G DSLR with poor video quality... I got a 5D Mark III now and i think i'll sell it as soon as this little baby will touch the ground in France where I live. These pictures fron a beta GH4 are encouraging. That Cine D is really really promising, compared to my old GH2 which was clipping whites and blacks... I'm happy to say it'll be there soon !!!

    My 0.02 US DOLLARS !!!

  • @Ralph_B It was one of the things I forgot to check over but hopefully will have some more time on this week. I'm guessing the FHD modes at 1080p 50p/60p modes will work with Etc Mode like on the GX7 and GM1.

    As you all know Etc mode = extra processing so Etc mode is not going to work in the 4k modes or All-Intra 200Mbps mode.

    Like the GH3 Etc mode is 2.4x size for motion pictures with Rec Quality [FHD], 3.6x size when Rec Quality set to [HD] and 4.8x size when Rec Quality is set to [VGA].

    I will confirm all Etc modes just as soon as I can.

  • All the footage I've seen is 25p - so just wondering, is there a reason for this do you think? I'm used to the GH2 which wasn't so good in 25p (PAL models) compared with 23.976.

  • Here is some new Panasonic demo footage. Wish it was downloadable as youtube's codec breaks with the detail. It still looks quite good.

  • Not sure if this is real GH4 footage but if it is the 4k version shows a very strong codec and a moire aliasing torture test passed perfectly on the roof tiles. Panasonic did an amazing job with this codec at just 100mbits.

  • Nick Driftwood's take:

  • @jamesgh2

    I'm sure Nick is a great guy and has really knocked the DSLR filmmaking community on its ear with his wonderful accomplishments, especially with the GH2.

    However, to be truthful, I thought that clip played like a promo spiel written by Panasonic marketers (like the B&H Photo GH4 intro video I saw on Youtube). I really don't want an advertisement (though I don't think Nick intended it to be one... I hope), I would much rather have a solidly objective review from the pros that highlights the positives and constructively lays out the negatives of the camera (features, quality, and price) even if it ruffles a company's feathers. It would be much more helpful to the community as a whole and in the end, even the manufacturer.

    Sometimes I think even Philip Bloom doesn't know when he's blurring the line between being an objective photography product critic and teacher and slavish manufacturer fan boy.

    That's my takeaway. Fire at will.

  • However, to be truthful, I thought that clip was like a promo spiel written by Panasonic marketers

    I think you really off the course here. Accusing Nick for providing useful interview and information is just very sad. If you want to do something better - do it. As Nick said with time he'll provide review and much more detailed information.

  • Is it me me...or does it look like Nick wants to crack up laughing during that interview?

  • Sir Driftwood you are reading while being interviewd? why is that.

  • @jamesgh2 I just watched the aerial footage you shared in 1080p and it looks beautiful. Only quibble is it says RAW footage, when they should have just said unedited or color corrected or something. There is no 4K RAW on the GH4. Aside from that, like you said, if it's the real deal, very pleasing quality. What really struck me is the tonality.

  • Only quibble is it says RAW footage, when they should have just said unedited or color corrected or something.

    raw word can have different meanings, from real raw sensor data, to just footage that is unedited and directly from camera.

  • Not to knock Nick, he's a pretty charismatic guy, but... I felt the same as John Tollwannabe. Nick does make me even more excited about the new camera - and the video gave me my first look at how the screen appears when adjusting curves and so forth (pretty nifty stuff!), but I guess I was expecting something different. I'm sure we'll hear more about the camera from him once he has one in his hands. BTW, what I'm looking forward to more than anything else is a GH4 Demobbed! The GH3 version was pure brilliance.

  • @Vitaliy I bow before you^^ but it was my understanding that RAW specifically means uncompressed video, whereas raw footage would mean unedited or color corrected. I could be wrong, though. It's happened once or twice..

    Edit: In this case, I guess raw means they didn't apply any stabilization in post.

  • Did Nick get paid or get a free camera?

  • Did Nick get paid or get a free camera?

    Nope :-) He spend his time to provide you useful information.