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PTools - List of hackable cameras
  • I've looked everywhere but couldn't find one, and it's a doubt that troubles me and a lot of other people in other communities.

    I was under the impression that as far as there was a public firmware available that any camera released after the GH1 was hackable by launching PTTools, loading the .BIN firmware file, applying the patch and flashing the output .BIN file. I was told this is not true.

    So, gathering information from here: and here: I've come to this list, which I wouldn't mind compiling/maintaining:

    GH1 - Supported - Firmware 1.1 - Most settings

    GH2 - Supported - Firmware 1.11 - Most settings

    GX1 - Supported - Firmware 1.1 - initial release

    G1 - Supported - Firmware 1.5 - initial release

    G2 - Supported - Firmware 1.1 - initial release

    G3 - Supported - Firmware 1.2 - identical to GH2, except 24p support

    GF1 - Supported - Firmware 1.2 - 720p settings only

    GF2 - Supported - Firmware 1.1 - identical to GH2, except 24p support

    GF3 - Supported - Firmware 1.2 - identical to GH2, except 24p support

    TZ10: Supported - Firmware 1.2

    It would also be interesting to know which cameras are being worked on.

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  • Thank you. That's precisely the kind of information I was looking for.

  • Thanks of information Vitaliy

  • I have to admit that one of the reasons I purchased my GH3 was the belief that it would be hacked like the GH1/GH2 have been and new features would be forthcoming. Two of my biggest disappointments from Panasonic were the lack of focus peaking and the ability to adjust the aperture while recording. I've been hoping Panasonic would address these two, but it appears that since the most recent firmware release is from last July, that isn't going to happen.

    Does anyone know if the GH3 will be hacked? If so, any idea on the time frame?

    While increased data rates are always nice, I find that the 50mbps IPB is more than good enough for my needs. Panasonic really did an excellent job with the codec on that one! I could personally utilize increased frame rates also, but would imagine that is hardware limited.

    From what I've gathered changes to the HDMI output from 4:2:0 8-bit to 4:2:2 8-bit or even 4:2:2 10-bit are limited by hardware and even though I'd like to see them, they probably aren't going to happen.

    Anyway, I've looked around this site and others and haven't been able to find any threads about the GH3 that aren't 100+ pages long and I've tried reading them, but keep falling asleep before I do much damage to the threads. The couple I've found here are relatively short, but haven't been updated and some are a bit chaotic.

    Can anyone do a "latest status/progress" of hacks page(s) for cameras that haven't been hacked that is updated once a month or so? I've seen the page above Vitaliy linked to above, but it doesn't seem to indicate whether or not any work is being done on the GH3 (or others).

    I know that the GH4 is supposed to offer all of what I've listed above in the base firmware, but it is out of my price range... like the GH3 was to GH2 owners when it went on sale originally.

    I admit I'm not a hacker/developer (I have done programming, but not at this level or type of system, obviously). However, I am "dying" for information regarding the GH3. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    PS. If this is the wrong place for this post, please move it to wherever is appropriate. Thanks!

  • Vitaliy had already posted a link to that page in the first reply above. However, from the last update date on the page, information on the GH3 hasn't been updated since at least Sept 2013. That is why I'm looking for additional information.

    Thanks for trying to help though! :)


  • there will not be a GH3 hack near future muahahahaha

  • @GlueFactoryBJJ The two last posts were moved from another thread (I think).

    I distinctly remember @driftwood telling us that we didn't need to worry about the GH3 wrt hacks. Well, I'll just say that I decided against that, and have seriously worried since last summer...

  • This GH3 hack... is sort of the solution to humanity to me. It will stop wars, it will stop hunger, everybody will live happily in a world of rainbows and lollipops. That's what I like to think everynight when Im my bed about to fall asleep...

    But Im sad to share with you my friends... the reality is that I always have those nightmares... I know some of you have them too! monsters with a tag that says "magic lantern" on them always follow me down a road with no end... always trying to eat me and hurt me... but no... i must stay strong and hold on to my Gh3... I know some day... it will grow up, and it will help me scare out those monsters..

    Oh guys... I wish the antidote to my nightmares is here sometime soon _ I hope one day the monsters go away...

  • Don't hold your breath for a GH3 hack - especially if the GH4 is out shortly.

    Would be great to have a higher bitrate for the all I codec, but there hasn't been much momentum from what is visible on this site.

  • Don't hold your breath for a GH3 hack - especially if the GH4 is out shortly.

    :-) I think you made mistake here.

  • I sold off my GH3's when the Blackmagics shipped. A solution in your hand is always a better money maker than a dream on a shelf. The Blackmagic total kits were paid off in less than 4 months. And they are still in high demand, plus driving us post business.

    If a GH3 hack ever ships, at least those old GH3 cameras may be 1/2 price by then. As I doubt a hacked GH3 will look better, or have more creative options, than a shipping GH4 will. But I would he happy to be proven wrong. :)

  • The Blackmagic total kits were paid off in less than 4 months. And they are still in high demand, plus driving us post business.

    It is always good to understand that BM is niche product and not really best solution for many people, while for others it can be really good.

  • I think that to have the GH3 offering 50mbs IPB and 100mbs All Intra says a lot about the need for a hack. Especially with a higher h.264 profile making it to the codec on the GH3.

    The need isn't just as pressing as it was for the GH2 at the time, and in a way it still is for the G6, GX7, GM1...

  • i think a lot of people here forget the guys in EU that need the 30 min limit destroyed! For what I do, 28mbps AVCHD is ideal and do not want to change that. I'd maybe like to increase the sound to 320kbps, but thats about it.

  • I'm probably going to go straight to a GH4 but I'm still excited to see what Vitaly can do for the GH3. I'm sure used GH3 prices will drop once the GH4 is out, and for regular 8-bit 1080p the hacked GH3 will probably be pretty close to the GH4, especially for 1/3 the price.

  • Wait, there's still a talk about a GH3 hack lol? I thought that was all forgotten.

  • @aldolega: It will not be that close. You cannot get 1080p 4:4:4 from the GH3 as you can from the GH4 if you record in 4K (and I don't believe it makes any sense not to, at least in most cases)...

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev good news coming about data dump, etc?

  • @duartix

    Are you saying that there was no need to raise money to support research for a hack for gh3?

    In B4: trollface.

  • @Renovatio

    No, what I was saying was that, should I own a GH3, I wouldn't have put my money on it's hack. But that is a personal choice. That and as @Sph1nxster has put it (thanks for reminding us), I forgot that the hack wasn't all about getting some residual IQ benefit...

  • thing is.... there is never a 100% gurantee that hack will be successful. By putting money on it, we are supporting an ideal and enabling the infrastructure to allow it to happen. Doesn't mean it actually will. Either way, I love the GH3 and a hack will be just a massive bonus!

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