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Official Sony CineAlta F65 topic, 8K 16bit raw camera
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  • I am really surprised at the price of this camera. The CineAlta F35 was a Hollywood camera only available to big budget films, it was the A camera on Red Tails with Philip Bloom on the DSLRs :)

    That camera was always rented or owned by the studios but Sony sold it to studios for roughly $500,000.

    Now the successor the F65 is just $65,000 which means it competes with the RED Epic and Arri Alexa as a general production tool for anything from film and TV to large indie crews and universities. Very competitive price Sony.
  • Yep, Sony is serious this time.

    Most probably in few years RED will be eliminated, and Arri will remain in small niche.
  • Man that is sexy shit. I just hope one day to be able to afford something like an FS100.
  • Well, RED obviously kicked some asses, and now they are awake.

    But does my camera get higher resolution if I tilt it 45 degrees? As far as I can see, this is still a Bayer pattern!
  • its always the same, big company get asleep, then wakes up lunch big technology, wait and sleep again, till other fly like red begin to bother. LOL 8K hahahahaha
  • F65 VS Film? How about with f65 grain characters.. does it still like plastic?
  • "Most probably in few years RED will be eliminated, and Arri will remain in small niche."

    Not Likely. There are more factors at play than mere sony tech specs.
  • >There are more factors at play than mere sony tech specs.

    Absolutely true :-)
  • I think this is a very good price point from Sony however the F65 is just too big compare to Epic. Red will eventually catch up in term of spec for their upcoming monstrous sensor
  • IMHO it depends a lot on how well S3D is catching up. Two Epics are much smaller in a stereo rig, but most feature projects won't mind the size of a single F65.
  • If anyone has found any footage, please share. Would be nice to see if it has the low-light capability of the Alexa.
  • One Hollywood producer that I met last month told me that his next film will be shot using this new Sony f65 early next year in England ..
  • Ah, finally one of the big boys seems to be truly moving to the next level. The real excitement . . . this stuff can only go one direction from here: CHEAPER. Nobody needs more DR, better color, higher resolution, better shutter, more advanced than "RAW". Sure, they will make $65K cameras in the future with "higher resolution, DR, etc.", but who needs 'em? get me to film quality, and I'll be a very happy camper. The GH2 gets REAL close, but as I have said, only one direction now, and that's CHEAPER.
  • Ed David, who a few of us have probably seen posting around on many other forums, recently got a Sony F65!! (he also has 3x F35! And a few F3 bodies too)

  • Recently watched "Only the Brave", which was shot on a F65, and was wondering: Why is it that so many movies shot on this camera type have some annoying "greenish" tint to them? I mean clearly, whatever color skew the sensor may have in that regard, it should be compensatable for during post-processing.

    (The resolution of the UHD BluRay though was flawless, and the low noise level really appreciated.)