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kung fury - trailer
  • Ok so some talented local guys are doing this hilarious and crazy project, "Kung Fury". VFX galore. Check out the trailer:

    And support their kickstarter campaign if you feel like having more of the same!

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  • haha so proud to be an 80's kid! thats kick ass. need some cameo's

  • LOL. Great stuff! The voiceover reminds me of Trent Hauser in NTSF:SD:SUV, but this is better!

  • Too legit! Get RedLetterMedia to review this once it's out. Love the Kavinsky vibes <3

  • Fantastic. Amazingly done and very funny

  • :) For anyone wanting a cameo, you can donate a certain fee on kickstarter.. Summer holiday perhaps? :)

  • Looks like it's fully funded! Congrats!

  • Can't wait to watch this. The trailer alone brings out so much 80's cop over the top nostalgia.

  • Fully funded! :) In short: great success! Really looking forward to this.

    Plenty of people have gotten in touch with the founder of the project / the production company for distribution rights already. The guy behind the project no doubt has a bright future ahead!

  • It's out

  • Hilarious! Finally a case where the overly lossy Youtube compression contributes to the authentic 80s VHS-look!

    (But they really could have asked some German speaking guys to synchronize the voices of the two soldiers discussion the "arian mustache" - whatever language that was... not German :-)

  • Thought it sucked after the 7:30 mark