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Official Sony NEX 5N topic
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  • I think this might be the dark horse of the three new cameras in terms of price and peformance
  • Andrew opinion

    It is good to remember that Andrew like extremes :-)
  • Not sure I can trust any of his reviews being that he claimed ETC works in HDMI wth Ptools :-)
  • Yep, Andrew can be fast in conclusions :-(

    And, as I said going from one extreme to the other.
  • whether the pictures such as sony hx9 with full of manual video control
  • Waiting for mine to arrive, i have a GH13 and really like what this Nex5n offer.
  • >Waiting for mine to arrive, i have a GH13 and really like what this Nex5n offer.

    Please write here your opinion as soon as you'll get it and play with it, ok?
  • @xenogears: I'm looking to update my GH13 as well. Let me know how it works out.

    The NEX-5N looks like a nice bargain but I'm really looking for a reliable way to timelapse with it. I've seen some DIY project for the NEX-5 that I think will work with the 5N but I need a proper intervalometer.

    Also wish the HDMI output was clean...
  • I also bought one...still waiting for uk preorders to be dispatched. ;-(
    Will leave non pixel peeping thoughts about it when I get to use it.
    Also just ordered the Oled evf too...cheaper from HK ;-)
  • It'll be interesting to see something like NEX-5N Lite without any SD card interface, without any LCD screen.
    But with clean 4:4:4 HDMI output :-)
  • Would Sony be ever that generous though? Shame theres no clean HDMI on Nex 5n but least one can use a larger monitor like lillput ;-)
    Maybe the Nex7 will have clean HDMI?
  • @Vitaliy

    It'll be interesting building it with a Nex 5n and a hack :-)))))
  • well...Just got back from my NEX 5n till early october in UK...why???? Might as well cancel my order and import one
  • Why the excitement over this camera? It aliases worse than the 7d @1080p and is softer than GH2. You'd probably need the EVF, so the price is higher than GH2 for a viable package. And I already feel silly enough with the GH2's dinky size, that Sony looks like a flip phone.
  • Is that with Amazon UK @Mimirsan? PS no clean HDMI on the NEX 7, it has icons which cannot be switched off with the No Display Info option (nice wording there!) :)
  • Brianluce..why the excitement?
    Because Its a decent stills/video camera/ with lots of options for lowlight shooting,framerates for slomo in 1080p and manual controls? Smaller body/stronger housing...its a improvement from the previous model...but you already own one so you know its alaising is really really bad right? Most normal folk dont spot it unless its really pointed out...people watching films tend to look at the subject.

    Not everyone shoots video with mind to do test charts or shooting curtains..or to see if a shelf has "jaggies" thats why say on vimeo there are endless "test" videos for gh2 and pretty decent short films done with a 550d?
    It has alaising/moire but it dont stop people making beautiful creative imagery.

    Yknow *shock* NEX is not for professional video filmmakers...these guys are probably already out there shooting with RED...tossing over your beloved GH2.
    Its a bloody stills camera with video abilities for joe public!

    This whole "mine shoots better than yours" is just getting tiresome to read on every camera forum...howabout just go shoot or photograph something and enjoy what you got?

    Theres plenty of GH2 threads here...Id like to think we can discuss about all kinds of makes of cameras (Nikon,Sony,Pentax,Oly) here too without playschool banter.

    Eoshd...Good old uselss jessops...but the girl on the other end of the phone seemed clueless (might as well leave it on preorder its my own early xmas pressie)...but checking Sonycentre UK website they have it for NOVEMBER release in retail shops (!)
    I wish companies would have set release dates for each country and stick to it.
    No clean on Nex 7...looks like theyre still protective of their Pro video suprises there!
  • @Mimirsan:
    but you already own one so you know its alaising is really really bad right? Most normal folk dont spot it unless its really pointed out...people watching films tend to look at the subject.

    Did I say I owned one? I'm just taking the words from EOSHD's review. That's what he said, so go bitch at him if you don't like the results. With regard to aliasing, it's painfully obvious to anyone who shoots video for a living, not to mention a client with any kind of discriminating eye. But if you think aliasing isn't a big deal, then buy a bunch of them. But for some of here, we hold to a higher standard. To each his own.
  • Why the animosity toward me personally Brian? Sick of it.
  • C'mon guys don't turn this into something it's not. We can all have a difference of opinion here. I too want this camera to be something special but after learning more about it I kind of agree with brianluce over the excitement. But @Mimirsan made some good points also.

    @EOSHD anyone can see @brianluce didn't say anything bad about you. He only cited you....that's all.
  • @EOSHD
    Not at all, your review is credible and I cited it as an authoritative source. But it seems Mr. Mimirsan thinks aliasing is no big deal and no one notices it. I disagree of course, but Mr. Mimirsan is entitled to his opinion.
    Sorry if you felt animosity is directed at you, it wasn't.
  • I also think some people (just generally speaking) get overly excited about the 5N. Yes, it's a nice compact, adaptable, low light capable shooter, with nice large sensor. But some on the net are talking about this camera with respect to video as if it is the second coming. People talking shit like they're gonna sell their GH2 right now and get a 5N to replace it. I would buy and use the 5N alongside the GH2, as a tool to get certain shots. GH2 is still a nice camera for not having to deal with aliasing in every shot. No doubt every DSLR can get decent shots if you're careful enough how you shoot with regards to moire and aliasing. If you got a GH2, though, I wouldn't replace it with the Sony. But this is also covered @EOSHD. A very good 2nd cam, that's the right sentiment. Me, I'm just sitting this one out and get a 5N maybe next year.
  • Only thing I don't like about the 5N is that it's not switchable between 24p and 25p. So we have a GH2 stuck at 24P and a 5N European version stuck at 25P. Hate corporations. Who's making this stuff up? At least Canon, albeit slow in updating their camera's, give its users what they need regarding frame rates.
  • +1. This site needs diversity. First we need to stop comparing with GH2. That's not really fun. Second let's focus on features of NEX-5N.

    World don't care what or why we buy or sell. Neither do world care what we like or dislike.

    Learning about new mirrorless systems is kinda interesting.