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Lumix stockist in Paraguay?
  • Hi,

    Does anyone know of a Lumix stockist in Paraguay? One that might have the GX7 and the 14-140 f/3.5?


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  • As far as I know, m4/3 cameras are rare in Paraguay. Maybe in Ciudad Del Este, and even there is very diffcult to find something .

  • I bought a GH2 in Ciudad del Este when it was backordered at B&H, back in jan/2012. Its not that popular like canons and nikons, but ya, you can find it or make pre-orders. But its better know the store or "some guy" who deal with. I knew a guy who got a BMPCC there a month ago. Paraguay has some nice free tax cities at they borders, paradise shopping!

    @jimmystillhere1 before you put a -not good intent- "fucking" in someones country, that for sure there you never have been, and know a shit about it, please make us a big favor and leave the topic for those who want get answers. Thank you in advance!!!

  • Thanks guys. I'll be going through Sao Paulo, Brazil before Paraguay so I may try and pick it up there instead, but getting it tax free would be nice!

  • @sam_stickland , if you get it in São Paulo you may get wwwaaaaayy more expensive. Not good idea buy anything in Brazil at all :P unless you are relaxing or having fun.

  • @Ze_Cahue Do you remember what was the store that you bought your GH2?

  • I did pre-order with a guy months before, not sure with store he bought, but I know the camera did not hit the shelves. audiophone and montecarlo are the most known stores, mtt panasonic is pana specialized, they did not have the newest products on shelves, but things can be pre-ordered with time, then they can get one when they do the next purchase. Sadly only canons, nikons and sony can be easy found there :/

  • @Ze_Cahue Good grief, I see what you mean about camera prices in Sao Paulo..

    On Mercado Livre the GX7 is listed as 4950 Real or $2261.31 USD!

    Even the G6 + 14-42mm is 3099 Real (1415.72 US)

    This all over twice what I'd pay in the UK.

  • @sam_stickland And the Mercado Livre ones are grey market - the last Lumix m4/3 launched oficially by Panasonic here in Brazil was...the G5. The Micro Four Thirds format is almost non-existent here, only by enthusiasts that brought it in trips to other countries, or buy it in the internet.

    Here you only find Canon and Nikon DSLR, Sony Nex ones, and point&shoots - and almost always with these insane prices.