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Sony RX10, 1" sensor, big F2.8 constant zoom, video oriented machine
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  • Is it Youtube, or isn't that last RX10 video sample horrible? Aliasing galore!

  • Here are some screen captures from the youtube videos of the Sony A7 (first image) and Sony RX10 (second image):

    Sony A7.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    Sony RX10.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • Wow. In direct comparison the A7 image is really crappy - VERY disappointing =/. About the RX10: Yes. Aliasing is SOMETIMES visible (also in the other video samples). But at least it seems to be VERY moire "stable" (and it´s delivering quite a amount of detail). Now I am really curious about the HDMI 4:2:2 performance (if it´s really 4:2:2). ^^

  • I also wonder if the HDMI out is 10 bit... time and testing will tell...

  • The RX10 is a very interesting product. It's crazy in that it gives a lot of the things someone would want in a hybrid cam. Great lens that covers a wide range, with zoom and f2.8 aperture. The built in ND is great. Love the Headphone and mic input and clean HDMI out. Small size is another plus. I'm curious about the Dynamic Range and Low Light capability. Also the Stabilization quality.

    So far from what i've seen it looks to have pretty good detail to the image and doesn't seem to have much of an issue with rolling shutter. I could be wrong, but the image seems a step better than the RX100II from what I remember. The price seems steep, but I can't think of another camera that gives you this much in one compact package.

  • @majoraxis - According to dpreview it does: "In addition, the camera's footage can be output over HDMI, either with settings overlays for monitoring or without, for recording (and, we're told, with the option for uncompressed 4:2:2 video output)."

  • On second viewing on my workstation with IPS screen the RX10 clip looks much better. Must have been some settings on my laptop that caused all that aliasing.

  • Dan Chung:

    Great news, Sony’s Kanta Yamamoto has been in touch to say that the RX10 is actually PAL/NTSC region switchable

  • If this camera can turn out something in comparison with the GH3 or g6 then I'm sold. I've been waiting for the 35-100 x lens to come down in price but this might hit even more buttons.

    30-200 at f/2.8 just seems impossible and have good optical quality too! O yeah and roughly around 1 k in price!

  • If someone get's the chance to test HDMI, would also be interesting to see how much delay it will introduce (for live use)

  • I've been over excited about the A7. Now that I have seen the footage comparison unless my eyes are deceiving me those rooftops look far better with the RX10. All the specs are impressive, I would say this if the HDMI proves to be good enough to slap an Atomos Ninja for ProRes, this is just a personal, I like to work in that codec.

    Lastly I have never had a camera with a 1" sensor. How is it with depth of field? I currently have a Panny GF2 with 14-140HD Mega OIS F4. So I have to back up and zoom in to throw the background out but not as bad as my Canon SX 50.

    I have seen the sensor size compared I appears that the 1" is about a third smaller than the my MFT, but it's about four times bigger than the sensor on my SX 50. I guess my question is what can I expect as far depth of field?

  • image

    In practice, the shutter on the camera we had would often trigger just before focus was acquired, producing images that were slightly unsharp

    Our analyses showed a wide variation in resolution for which no apparent reason was evident. Autofocusing performance was also very patchy.


    Autofocusing and zooming are supported in movie mode, although the camera may pick up operating noises.

    Continuous shooting is possible for approximately 29 minutes per clip and the maximum size of an MP4-format movie file is approximately 2 GB.

    598 x 399 - 60K
    601 x 398 - 52K
  • pfft I hope that at least the US models are not equipped with 30 min limits. (And that its still possible with them to switch inbetween NTSC and PAL). Otherwise thats - as always - a real bummer ...

  • @Tscheckoff Not a 'bummer', for me any time limit is a 'show-stopper'.

    The FZ200 will record until the battery goes flat (more than 3 hours).

  • @Tscheckoff Im pretty certain its a silly euro thing. The US model should have unlimited recording. @Trevmar I have a fz200 here right has a 29 min limit here in UK.

    Besides how hard is it to press the record button again? :-D

    Comparing to FZ200 I really do hope the RX10 doesnt have the image "wobble" during zooming.

    One thing decent zoom range camcorders have over bridge superzooms is the smooth zoom.

    Even though still being a "cybershot" I hoped the rx10 wouldnt have the same shutter/focus issues that I occasionally have with my hx9 & rx100. These compacts are a bit slow in responding compared to nex's and nikon V1 I tried (although I will let the hx9 off being old).

    Some of the issues could be that its a pre production unit..or maybe not

    Will have to give it a try via Amazon ;-)

  • @trevmar: It´s really annoying yes ... Btw.: The time limit is one of the MAJOR points why I still keep my GH2.

    @Mimirsan: Hmm. The review was from an australian page. That irritates me ... Maybe all PAL models are locked. But if PAL / NTSC is REALLY switchable, an (hopefully not "time limited") US model would be quite ok ^^.

    Btw.: Please give us a status update as soon as you´ll get it. =) (IF "Will have to give it a try via Amazon ;-)" means you´re ordering one soon ^^.)

  • @Tscheckoff Certainly the kind of camera ive been looking for! Will be ordering from amazon when they have it.

  • @Mimirsan said: "Besides how hard is it to press the record button again?"

    Answer: When the camera is 50ft away, very hard indeed :)

  • @Mimirsan: Me too ^^. Especially for run and gun style. First time that I am REALLY interested in a bridge camera system.

    @all: Any more detailed news out there about the HDMI output quality? Would be great to see a comparison soon (in camera vs Ninja 2 for example). ^^

  • @Mimirsan Maybe you could use the WiFi to retrigger recording from a distance?

  • Conflicting info...

    Thank you for contacting the E-Mail Sales Department at B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio.

    The Sony RX-10 which we are selling is NTSC compatible, it cannot switch to PAL. Video clip lengths are up to 29 minutes. So after 29 minutes the camera will stop and you can then restart again for an other 29 minutes and so on, depending on how much memory you have in the camera.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

    Thank you, we appreciate your business.

    B&H Photo Video and Pro Audio Thank you for choosing B&H. E-Mail Sales Department

  • Hmm. Here we have the 29 min. limit mentioned again. Not very promising. If that´s true (at THIS price point), it´s not interesting any more (at least for me). =/

  • have there ever been hacks for sony nex/alpha cameras?

    i've already emailed sony about upping their bitrate to compete with the gh3, but i won't hold my breath that they'd do anything. either way, i'm preordered. if it ends up not living up to its specs, i'll just return it. but i've got good vibes about it. that's a standard zeiss badge they bolted to the side, which should indicate it lives up to zeiss standards, and if it does, that's a precious piece of glass.

  • The concern I have,and what may well put me off buying is if there is a fault with the lens then the whole camera is unusable and vise versa. Also I have a V1 and these babies are dirt cheap. I can pick up a 10-100mm for around £350 quid in a nice compact package with a bit more zoom. Yeah I know its not a constant f2.8 nor zeiss but I tend to use a zoom outside in the day stopped down. So my initial interest is waning on the RX100...maybe when its cheaper. But thats just me :-)

  • Andrew Reid just tested the RX10 against the A7 and A7R. According to Andrew, the RX10 looks very good, similar to the GH3.