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Star Wars 1313 concept
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  • With things like this, I guess eventually fewer and fewer will want to just passively sit and watch the films. Much more interesting to get into the world and test all the "what-ifs" that linear story does not allow, but sufficient AI could provide for. What if Luke never left Tatooine with Obi-Wan? What if he joined Jabba's gang and became a smuggler instead, while rebellion was still on same path as it was? Would Wedge have blown the first Deathstar instead?

    What will it take, a few motion detectors in the room, a VR treadmill and a HMD for the player?

  • @neokoo

    Games history tells otherwise, as with rising budgets you want them as linear as possible. :-)

  • Noticed that too, it is why I haven't been into gaming lately. For a linear story with only game being "aim the pixels to hit other pixels", might as well watch a film.

    But I think that after graphics are near-perfect and VR experience is good, nonlinearity in the story and speech-recognizing AI capable of believable dialogue will be next challenges.

  • Problem is not challenge here, problem is resources required to make it all. Plus audience. Now all mass media tell you that games must be all absolutely phptorealistic and give instant fun like blockbuster.

    Media stands behind death of whole gaming sectors. Good thing to understand who work in media usually. It is stupid young buys, they are cheap and can be replaced in few minutes.

  • I always thought gaming was about testing/observing what you would do. And movies were about observing/considering what others may think or do. I think both are valid art. It's not so much about the technology, but the way we experience them that makes the forms different.

    Like a mentor of mine always said. "You can't learn shit with your mouth open."