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    Anybody else hear anything about these? They look awesome, but I'm not sure on their pricing yet... I can't find any info other than they're taking 1k Euro deposits at IBC.

    If these are available for anywhere under $4k... the "big guys" are going to have a hard time selling their 4:2:0 8-bit "professional" camcorders. Look at how small their 3D rig is!!! GS2 is 2k 12-bit RAW w/ global shutter... very nice!
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  • 2/3" sensor though isn't it? This would surely limit the ability of getting a shallow depth of field look?
  • Yea, it's only 2/3"... but if the price is right... they could be a great tool in the bag. These would be great VFX cams for gathering compositing shots and such. Also, the 2/3" aesthetic works great for some movies. It would just be nice to own multiple camera formats (2/3", s35, FF) without each system costing $80,000 dollars...

    It would also be nice to have affordable cams like this help launch the CinemaDNG format. Video should be RAW by now... period. Codecs are for broadcast and ENG...
  • @jimtreats 16mm is hardly much smaller than M4/3. In some ways, I'd almost prefer it; no vignetting on cine C-mount lenses and none of the mounting problems with fat lenses and narrow adapters. Not that hard to get a shallow DOF, plenty of cheap, fast CCTV and cine C-mounts available.
  • @Ptchaw

    2/3 is 4x smaller than M4/3.
  • They are 2x machine vision cameras tethered together and recording on a portable pc using linux or another OS.
    Look at basler, imperx, avc.
    I doubt they will give it for 4k. You should look at building your own - just know that the sensors are not optimized for video. Just for machine vision.
    There is a Kodak single CCD at that price and another CMOS sensor with very high dynamic range - Altasens.

    Here is a similar individual camera.