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Sony F55 - Global Shutter, 4K raw (internal) 180fps
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  • Sony has a problem - maybe it's just me, but on this cam, on the F5, and on F65, the colors look all wrong. They seem too video-y. Not like film at all. Instead of leapfrogging RED and Arri, they're still playing catch-up, and doing it poorly. Notice the tendency for skin tone to either be too desaturated, or skew yellow. The red in the dark room looks pinkish. I see this with all Sony sensors even the GH3. It's something they keep doing with their sensors, and it just screams at me that it's a Sony sensor.... and video. Unlike their 3 chip cameras which look incredible, they are way behind the curve with single chip systems IMO.

  • @shian you beat me to the punch. I actually like the way the Canon looks over the Sony in that video test. Yes it seems all Sony sensors have a sort of washed out video look to them....even the GH-3. I remember a couple of years ago Rodney Charters made a comment on video about Sony sensors never looking film like and more like video. That's always been my observation as well.

  • I wonder how much of that is down to post though? Think of it this way: for still, lots of people mess with Adobe RGB. From experience I know that you never send Adobe RGB to an end user, since the color will look washed out.

    Un-processed raw stuff does look "washed out". I know that I will sometimes shoot still stuff lit flat if I expect to manipulate it a lot in raw. I think most people wouldn't know what to do with my raw files.

    Perhaps the gamut is so big that either a) people don't know what to do with it, since it's not what they're used to (even pro graders) or b) software isn't really designed to take advantage of stuff with such a big gamut? The GH cams don't have anything that approaches "raw", so it's hard to compare. Well, we can compare results, but for a tool that is so new, I don't think the comparisons will be fair.

    Of course, that's assuming that even 1/10th the hype is true. Time will tell.

  • We are very pleased to announce v1.2 firmware for the F5, F55, and AXS-R5 recorder. This is a major update and includes powerful functionality not previously available. Major features are listed below

    Major Features in this update:

    • SR File format, 4:2:2 and RGB variants

    • Camera ID + Reel # naming mode. SxS and RAW files

    USB Wirless LAN mode - Attaching the supplied USB wireless module, IFU-WLM3 to the camera. Smartphone, tablets connectivity via Wi Fi

    *x1.3 Anamorphic support - Display image without distortion in the VF, and output image without distortion "4K/2K to HD Conv" in the "Output Setting" of the Video Menu to "Anamo x1.3' or "Anamo x2"

    Various improvements and enhancements

    Firmware -

  • New announced functions for v2.0 (formerly v1.3)

    1) New XQD Memory Card with adapter.

    We are officially adding support for the XQD media format, and with the appropriate adapter, can be used in the cameras.

    2) Mount adapter, LA-FZB1/ LA - FZB2 support

    B4 mount 2/3" adapters support. Details about the new lens adapters will be provided at IBC

    New announced function for v3.0 (formerly v1.4).....

    1) HFR Full Scan Mode, and Center Scan Mode

    In v2.0, we are going to support Full Scan Mode for HFR, no windowing of the imager sensor.

    In addition, we will support Center Scan Mode on the CMOS sensor in v3.0. Maximum frame rate is the same as Full Scan mode.

    2) 2K RAW Center Scan Mode for S16mm lens

    We decided to support Center Scan Mode on the CMOS sensor with Audio for S16mm lens users. Worldwide, there are a lot of S16mm lenses hence we were asked by many to support. By using S16mm lenses you can record MPEG50, XAVC HD, HDCAM SR File and 2K RAW (w/R5) with audio.

    3) Interval recording

    This function has been heavily requested, especially by nature, documentary shooters. More details will be provided about this at a later time.

    4) AES/EBU audio support

    Officially supported, coming in v3.0

    5) Preset Sony Look Profile

    We will install the same MLUTs, like what we did with the F65 and our RAW Viewer software, more details later

    6) User definable clip name

    Set your own clip naming

    7) Embedded clip name meta on SDI output

    For using external recorders which can record proxy, etc for editorial and for on-set dailies, we will provide clip name information on SDI output as metadata. (Third party recorder vendors need to support it, but the data is being output from the camera)

    8) 2K RAW on 50p and 59.94p TC base

  • Sony has obviously learned to listen. And not to charge for every upgrade.

  • @nomad

    They also said that they'll continue at same pace.

  • Alexa and F55:

  • Slow motion

  • We are very pleased to release Version 3.0 for the F5, and F55 this Holiday season! With close to 30 new features, this is another big release for the leading digital motion picture cameras in the market.

    Update is for F5, F55 and AXS-R5

    • USER LUT's, and look profiles
    • Center Scan mode for Super 16mm lenses
    • New log curve and color gamut (S-Log3/S-Gamut3)
    • XAVC QFHD recording (3840 x 2160)
    • MPEGHD 1280x720p recording
    • Slow and Quick motion on XAVC 4K, XAVC QFHD and Center Scan mode
    • User definable clip naming
    • AES/EBU audio input
    • ……..and much more!