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GH2 settings to match BMCC
  • Does anyone have any suggestions for hacks or menu settings for the GH2 to match the BMCC perchance? Thanks.

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  • there is no match bro, sorry

  • You'd probably need to use something like a Tiffen Ultra Contrast filter (maybe a 3?) on the GH2 to try and match the dynamic range on the BMCC. Somewhat of a guess, though.

  • Just go the other way. We did when shooting with RED and GH2.

    Expose your GH2 as good as possible, adapt the settings to the scene and the desired final look as close as possible. Then grade the BMCC stuff to match. The flat "Film" recording is not attractive anyway, so it'll always need to be graded. The "Video" look is not as good as the GH2, BTW.

  • i own both cameras and let me tell you, there is not dslr match for the bmcc.

  • I have both. There's not going to be any setting to help them match. I think that's wrong thinking as nomad points out.

    Film to get the best results out of each. Match them through color correction in Davinci or the like.

  • @schlanger77 @chauncy I have both and I'm actually surprised how well the GH2 stacks up with Moon T7 against the BMCC in pro res, prefer the GH2 some of the time, obviously not got the flexibility in post but very tasty indeed.

  • @nomad Thank you. Makes sense.

  • you are looking at it have to match the BMCC to the GH2

    ahh, I see nomads post now : )

  • Thanks for thoughts. Just for clarity I didn't think I could upscale the GH2 to the BMCC! Just wondered whether anyone had found a 'look' or hack that helped match the feel of the BMCC. Driftwood suggested using T7 and that helped a bunch.