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Movie shot on GH2 hacked
  • So, after shooting a few music videos I've decided to take a big step and shoot an entire feature film on a Gh2 hack (150mbit/s). I was very scared to do so since it was the only camera i had and couldn't afford a backup camera in case the camera dies. But I must say we had no problems with it. The footage was converted to Apple Pro Res 422 HQ on 5DtoRGB Batch. Edited on FCP 7 on my old Macbook Pro (2008 2.4 Ghz Intel core 2 duo 4gigs. I would not recommend using this's old and slow, but all i had). I'm pretty happy with the results. I can't wait to get my hands on the GH3. Hopefully movie makes money and I can buy 2 of them!! haha. Anyways, guys.. check it out and let me know what you think. Here's the teaser trailer.

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  • First, congrats on making a movie with a GH2! Looks good - how are you going to distribute?

  • What patch did you use? (Looks good. You've got a good eye for composition.)

  • Zehr kewl!

  • @hallvalla thanks for the comments! We are planning to do online distribution either through online streaming (like netflix) or/and itunes. Trying to figure out what is best.

    @Brian_Siano it's just a generic patch my friend Gary Hanna from gave me a few years back. No specific name or anything.

    thanks @rockroadpix!!! I'm a big fan on these Gh2/Gh3 cameras! They capture great footage for a great price!

  • Looks excellent, @madmax, did you add lot of grading in PP or not?

  • thanks @tetakpatak! No i did not add a lot of grading.. only color corrected like 3 or 4 clips within the trailer.

  • update: so apparently the hack i used was set in camera but really wasn't "active". Which basically means i've been using the stock settings this entire time.

  • @madmax hey it still looks good. Nice job. What lenses did you use?

  • thanks @videochadjones

    I first used the ZE EF Zeiss lens for 35% of the film (20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 85mm, nikon 135mm, nikon 300mm)

    Then we ran out of money so i used my own old school nikons... (nikon 24mm, 50mm, & 85mm)

    behind the scenes pictures:

  • the alarm system is dismental  ja aja ja nice!

    Tu si lo sabe tocayo: hot, powerful and emancipated chicks in tight black costumes kicking pimps' asses, locking good!!!
    Best of luck @madmax

  • haha! Glad you like it @maxr :) i'm all about chicks with tight costumes and guns!!!