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KineRaw-S8p Super 8mm HD Sensor 2k RAW
  • This was mentioned in the KineRAW S35 thread a bit, but since this is a different model I think this deserves it's own thread. The guy testing just posted this anamorphic test. He says in the info he shot it at 1828x1556 with some 16mm glass and 2x anamorphic adapter. This footage looks pretty good, HOWEVER....I've seen footage as good with the GH1/2, BUT...

    Supposedly this will be cheaper than the 5d m3 and the Digital bolex. Possibly $2k, maybe even lower.

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  • I have been following Dan's work for a couple of years now. He has been hard at work to compile a set of softwares to produce the highest image quality in RAW and then out of the RAW to a NLE friendly format. If you are really interested in any of the format KineRaw will be offering, go to " Kinefinity " website and voice your interest. They are going to set their marketing strategies based on public interest. Dan has done a couple of other videos he calls " lens tests " on vimeo ( search KineRaw ). Even after the compression the footage looks amazing. Keep in mind this is the development stage footage and Dan's interpretation ( masterfully ) of grading RAW-dng.

  • @010101

    Whenever it is released, it's going to be released in mainland China first, so it may be a long while before others get their hands on it.

  • For those of you underwhelmed by the BMD Cinema Camera, remember this is still in the works and is in working field prototype form, unlike the Digital Bolex.

    To quote Dan Huggens, it can....:

    "This camera records fully uncompressed at various cinema aspect ratios and resolutions, this video was shot at 1828x1556x12bit@24.000fps 102.4MB/s to high speed SSD in the camera.

    The camera can take C mount, CS mount, and D mount (regular 8mm) lenses.

    KineRAW-S8p (tm) can monitor on its HDMI output as True RAW so you can see what the sensor sees, and the built in on screen waveforms and histograms can show the sensor raw signal levels also

    You can select 1:1 pixel 100% zoom and 200% "super zoom" as well as full frame monitoring at any time, while shooting, while in playback, and while doing setup...

    The KineRAW-S8p (tm) also shoots 1920x1440 in addition to 1828x1556 and has adjustable anamorphic un-squeeze in its 1280x720 HDMI viewfinder with color look up tables for semi-accurate monitoring. "

    It does a lot of what people want the BMD cam to do, telling when it's out, vs known release date of the BMD....but like I said...GH2 is good enough for now...I can wait.

  • @CRFilms

    No point in wrapping your head around this one just yet, as it is the last of three on their agenda.

  • @Macalincag ....I'm not in the market for the BMD or 5DMk3 right now, but by the time this comes out, I may be in the market then. It has all the options I want...if the price is near $2k or less.... If not then BMD Cine Cam mk 2 would probably be what I'd go for.

  • New vid up. Says he shot this with a 3.5mm (!!!) Kowa machine vision lens.

    Like I said...this is the cam to watch out for. Please be under $2k...please.

  • Some more test footage:

    Shoots 4:3 HD!

  • hard to get excited about this... the sample videos look awful as of the moment....

  • The 4x3 looks awesome to me.

  • Some overcrank options at lower rez. I left a message asking Dan how high an FPS you can do at 1080 and when the cam might come out. He said just 30p no time soon. He basically said most of his suggestions had been ignored in favor of putting their focus on the S35 or Mini. He said they're now working on a 6k external recorder and the chances of the S8 coming out are not good unless they get a lot of comments and messages saying people want it.

  • This camera has bad color reproduction. I thought was only the 35mm, but i see the color science in quiet off as it is. I haven't manage to see any good color grading, even though its raw.

  • This camera has bad color reproduction. I thought was only the 35mm, but i see the color science in quiet off as it is. I haven't manage to see any good color grading, even though its raw.

    And? Again, it is just raw. So any "color science" is really software and skill. If you just start looking at random BMPCC raw graded clips on youtube you can be also horrified.

  • No, you look but you dont see.Vitaly Lol. For real the color is off.

    Its about the sensors nature, maybe i dont know, its the way it handles. I see dynamic range, but not color accuracy, lots of contrast though. Ive looked before other BMPCC and stuff like that, and they manage to shoot even flatter color...and its about the "look" about how it behaves. But never mind since behind RAW every sensor is the same no?

  • No, you look but you dont see.

    It is simple. You get color samples, shoot them and check resulting raw and that you can do with it.

    Stating that you do not like color is fun, as with audio, but brings zero information, sadly.

  • You are right its only a statement. don't have new data for this tread :-(

  • Also @endotoxic as Dan mentions in the comments, this cam is a 2 year old prototype. The original anamorphic post at the top is one of the best images I've seen and the camera can do custom 4:3 HD ratios in cam so you can use 2x anamorphics. Shame it probably won't get made any time soon.

  • 2 years already. Time is fast in 2010´s I didn't remember this camera prototype

  • well it'll probably never come out - as soon as i saw the website give dead links for the S8 and S16 i knew it was curtains .. i hope 16mm gets more love in the future... digital bolex is too expensive and pocket camera seems to beta-ish for my liking.. maybe BMPC mk.2 will get it right