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Nudity? Nudity. Nudity!
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  • @Mark_the_Harp

    I like the tight shots too.

    This was shot with the 17.5 f .95, but I also got footage with a 40 year old Nikkor 50mm 1.4.

    The lens is still amazingly sharp.


  • Much better sir.

  • Here's a clip from a doco by Martin Taylor - these are worth watching, engaging - a universe away from the original clip which I found embarassing to watch.

  • @RBD I thought your corset piece was much better. I understand what you were trying to accomplish with the first, but to me, it felt disjointed. I almost felt like a perv at a peepshow with the curtain constantly going down. Instead, it was the lens...

  • The first one, challenging to the normal viewer who seeks to find meaning, and rather obviously annoying to those who can't see past the techniques employed. Not even close to pornographic.

    The second (corset) is borderline porn.

    Well done on both accounts @RBD.

  • @kavadni-

    Nice analysis.

    I prefer the first one, because the girl is so obviously intelligent. She's ad libbing on an abstract concept.

    The second one is technically better and... turned out to be much more erotic.

    Sophia has a degree in Theatre, and not only plays the camera, she has perfect timing.

    Actually, both really smart girls.

  • Yes. It's important that these chicks are smart. That's why we're all looking at it.

  • @brianluce-

    Thanks for the bump!

  • i wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by @jrd

    regardless, more of us should be posting work involving our ideological POV. i'm going to have a *%#-ing nervous breakdown if i see any more slo-mo "test genre" videos.

    @rbd, curious to learn more about your intentions and see where this project leads.

  • @rbd with the first girl, it is interesting that she displays a touch of nerves at one point, not related to the nudity or her theoretical position, but when she first begins to speak about an actual person from her past.

  • @kavadni-

    Very perceptive.

    It's real life--this is a documentary, in a sense--and she's describing the end of a two year committed relationship.

    I'm certain she's at least ambivalent about having thousands of people see this.

    The deeper question is whether or not it was appropriate for me to ask?

    I think that's my job?

    In moments of angst I suspect I should have titled it "Intimacy Betrayed"

    By me.

    Impressive that you caught this, kavadni.

    When so many others missed it.

    Perhaps they were distracted by her really great tits?


  • Okay, since I guess this the official Nudity? thread, check out this video by a couple of Russian photographers:

    It brings a smile to my face.

    The music is great, and, most importantly, the girls are inarguably having a whole lot of fun.


    N.B. If you must, look at it as a satire of porn.

    Sure seems there are enough clues?

  • Anybody noticed the moiré on the pants or the autofocus running wild? Probably not ;-)

  • Anybody noticed the moiré on the pants or the autofocus running wild?

    Good comment :-)

  • Either nobody rents bikes in Russia or the competition is so high, you needn't be shameful about how to get the attention of your audience ;)

  • @MirrorMan

    Sold. Time to rent few bikes just for the sake of it... lol.

  • Never ceases to amaze me how natural, beautiful nudity can twist the psyche of so many Americans...and yet a video/movie of a clothed woman shooting a gun at another person wouldn't cause a mental ripple...

  • @RBD there's a certain Andy Warhol feel to those first two videos... from the period when he got a 16mm Bolex and was pretty much playing around with it.

  • I think the simplicity of the first video left people leaving people with nothing but nudity and the intimacy dialogue is what some find intimidating. IE the video of the naked girl is naked, and so are her words. The viewer has no choice to focus on anything but the nakedness of the film. Not saying that's where RBD was going with it, but I think that is where people get uncomfortable. Personally it wasn't my taste, but I wasn't offended either.

  • composed some test footage of a hacked GH2 into this.. :)

    password: Light

  • @Johannez It's very artistic and.... zebrastic.... excellent!

  • @RBD

    Shit you mean this lady was willing to strip for a one tone one beat filmlet? I have difficulty convincing real actresses to strip for scenes that are crucial to the plot and story of my project. It looks better than porn for sure, but surely she deserves more imagination on the filmmaker's part!

  • @kazuo Legitimate point.

    She was kind enough to share with me, in my first attempt at video.

    She does deserve more.

    If you have issues convincing actresses to take their clothes off, this is your issue, not mine.