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Driftwood Cluster X series 3:│moon T7│ЅріzZ T6│Nebula T7│Drewnet T9│
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  • Could well be a fragmented card and the format sorted it out.

  • @Driftwood Camera completely freezes and I need to get the battery out to reset. Looks like there is no pattern to the freeze. Sometimes records 50sec, sometimes 2min+ before freezing... No playable clips on the card - neither in camera nor on computer. And the file size shows "0". Using and integral ultima pro 95mbs card. As I said it handles 24p without any problems. Is the corrupt file any good for you? Do you still want to see it? Thanks for your help

    EDIT: Formatted the card and tried again... Looks like it is working now... Do you think the culprit might be the files recorded with Moon 7 setd that I left on the card?

  • At last some reports! Thanks @WarLightUK Have you got a clip where 25p stops? Dropbox/link me to it. What sd card is it btw?

  • @Driftwood I am having a ball with Moon 7 sete... 24p works brilliantly however the camera keeps freezing when filming HBR25p... I am not using a Sandisk card but I don't think it is the card anyway. The same card handles a higher bit rate with 24p with no problem at all... Am I missing something here? Any ideas? Thanks

  • @anthonyw

    I started out with the same thought process that you have but gradually changed my way of thinking after learning about and trying the different patches. Example, for me most of my stuff that I shoot will be in HBR30p mode so if I were to use strictly Driftwood patches I would choose Nebula T-6 because I believe it is better then the other Driftwood patches for HBR30p mode so this would be my all around patch. However if I shoot mostly in 24p mode then it would definitely be Moon T-5 for my all around patch, and also lets not forget long GOP Drewnet that has excellent video quality at a lower Bit rate.

    People will have different opinions and needs in regard to patches, cameras, lenses, etc. So to me the best thing is try the patches and see what works best for you. I have narrowed down my patches to 3 from the vast array that is offered here on personal view.

    One patch strictly for 24p mode

    One patch strictly for HBR30p mode - This is my all around patch 90% of the time

    One patch strictly for 720p mode

    @Driftwood I wish I had the time to try out your patches :( I feel like a little kid a week before Christmas, being able to see the toys kinda knowing whats inside but not being able to open them. Thank you for giving us more presents :)

    Best Regards

  • @anthonyw moon T5 is heavily tested as the current leader - however moon T7 supersedes this and until we see more reports back from people regarding T7 you may want to try out T5 first. As far as my own measured opinion, T7 wins hands down. All the Cluster X settings are finitely tuned and updated as we go along. As an all round hack, T5 and T7 work on all modes. T6 was very experimental and has been superseded by the improved and much more stable T7. If you decide to go along the T7 route - probably use setE from the zipped pack just to be safe for all round use.

    @danielortegajan Its not too bad that. The second batch of shots probably in too tight to get adequate focus.

  • @dieter123 Ill be taking a look at REDshift update on Friday.

  • @driftwood

    Is the Moon setting the best bet to use as an upgrade from someone that likes the look of Orion v4b, or is Orion vb4 more stable?

    I see a lot of people are using Moon T5, how will T6, T7 or any of the other variations differ? Also, is it planned to have one "final' release of Moon that combines everything from all of the trials?

    Is Moon suitable as an all-around hack because I really only like keeping one hack loaded. If not, then which do you recommend taking what I mentioned into consideration?

    I'm running a 64/96 sandisk card.


  • password: moont7e

    Testing moon T7 set e. Image quality is great. Still thinking of this motion issue. Next time I need some people dancing around on my tomatos..;)

  • Hi


    sorry,I have some questions

    @dado023 REDshift 1b at 16Q is totally stabilised.

    which means that the small GOPs are alright ?

    do you will improve redshift to ?

    can i increase the bitrate in Redshift 1b ?? for example in 24H ~ 60000000 and 24L 28000000 ??

    ( i will do that because I would like to have in 24H best quality for ~30 min on a 16GB Card and in 24L in need spanning with my Patriot Card )

  • @driftwood.

    Sorry, Nick. Saw your post after I made mine.

  • @spacewig.

    Thank you. A voice of reason.

  • @BurnetRhoades

    I made two tests using my GH2 and the Zoom H4n. The first recoded 40 plus minutes using the built-in microphones on both devices. The second test added a mic to the Zoom via XLR, and then sent that output to the GH2, so both devices were recording identical audio.

    In both tests, the native clips were simply dropped into the appropriate sequence in Premiere Pro, no special processing.

    The Zoom audio drifted less than one frame over the course of 40 minutes. I'm good with that.

    I would also add that many of today's digital cinema cameras STILL record at exactly 24 fps, so I do think you're spreading FUD here. 24 exact has been the norm for a long time in film production, and it's worked just fine for them.

    It's nice that it now works fine for us.

  • Thanks for the report @johnnymossville

    @dado023 REDshift 1b at 16Q is totally stabilised.

  • I did some crash tests with drewnet T9 this morning. I threw everything at it. autofocused iA mode and shooting raw photos at the same time and couldn't crash it. I'm a happy camper right now.

  • Lets end this 24p/23.976 dispute as we've gone rather off topic. If you want to try out moon T7 with 24p use 'setD', if you want standard 23.976 use setE. The choice is yours. Most people should stick with version setE.

    I want feedback regarding moon T7, DREWnet T9 and Nebula T7 and your test videos. I have this sneaking suspicion that Nebula's 720p60 could be slightly better than the others as Im beginning to realise a new theory that will be revealed soon.

  • @spacewig

    This 24p discussion going on is completely mistaken. As long as you select the correct frame rate for your project in your nle/daw (i.e. same frame rate per second that you shot your footage) 1 second of audio - whether recorded at 24/96, 18/48, 16/44, 8/22, etc. - will perfectly match 1 second of video.

    As BurnetRhoades has pointed out (accurately), sync differences between 23.976 and 24 fps can become an issue if you're working with sync material from various sources, particularly material shot on film, which is delivered at 23.976. Unless you never use outside material and never take the material to a post-house or mixer for finishing, you are needlessly complicating your workflow and risking sync problems, by shooting and editing in 24fps in the video realm. Even film productions these days frequently shoot at 23.976.

  • @Renovatio Try Nebula T7 or DREWnet T9 on page one of this thread to download. Its possible your card is not decent enough but Id be interested to know how you get on. report back here. Its hit and miss with those 45Mbps cards. If the above recommends dont work for your card try REDshift low bitrate setting found on the previous Cluster X Series 2 thread (page one for d/l link)

  • (anyway i've the 45mb/s only...)

  • Hi guys,

    having problems with Cluster v7 apocalypse now 6gop sharp II version (for me: the best compromise). I cannot go on, after 4,18 gb of recording (more or less 11 minutes). How can i resolve the problem? Have i to change settins, or patch? Wich drifwood to don't have this limit? It's important to record some events i have to take.


  • driftwood: "Good lill' test - which version of Apocalypse did you use? FYI moon T7 has a better quantisation spread over the Apocalypse settings."

    @driftwood - Yes and it is perfect! I didnt know which setting I use. Thanks for the work!

  • what is the best profile setting for moon T7 -2-2-2-2 smooth or -2-2-2-2 standard??

  • @driftwood if the video is captured in 25 frames does it has anything to do with 1/50 shutter???

  • @Jim_Simon no its not what i meant to say. see if video was recorded in 23.976 before it will drop 1 frame in every 40 second if it does the audio looses 1 frame time like like 60 / 24 right. so if audio was synced with 23.976. what will happen to video if it is set to 24 frames and the audio is still the same. anyway driftwood said he did set everything and it works great i have no argument on this. @driftwood 23.976 or 24 what frame rate u prefer?? 24 frame is traditional cinema but it do have anything to do with the shutter? 1/50 drops 2 frames every second gives us a blur in medium fast motion. if its 1/48 it wont isnt it. same way 23.976 is not 24 do it gives us sharper well behaved shutter friendly capture??

  • discussion is getting out of context. please retake proper topic

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