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Powering GH2
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  • Do you know how many amperes is the load of GH2 (maximum)?
  • Upconvert of CC is complex. Downconvert from 12V to 8.4 V can be done with many simple electronic circuits, but anyway need a bit of experience. If you want, I can attach some electric diagram for this.
  • Does anybody know of a way to use 7.2v and upconvert to 8.4v, or a way to use 12v and downconvert to 8.4v?
  • @ed_lee83

    I formed similar opinion about this.
    It looks like GH2 uses voltage measurement to decide it is AC or battery.
    And battery must always pass their complicated checks.
  • At least 8.4V. But other users who have conducted tests say 9+ is ideal.
    Also strange is that when I shoot in slow motion mode, it would say 'this battery cannot be used', but 24p is fine.
  • Just found tyampel citation - "you need to feed the coupler with 8.4 to 9.3 volts. Lesser voltage will result in a message "This battery cannot be used"."