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A Trio of vids shot with Sanity 4.1 & LX7 @ 120fps
  • Well, I had the LX7 for two weeks.. Now it is gone, seemingly into thin air..

    Feast on the debauchery; meet the Dinosaur Burps:



    All footage was conformed / edit to 24p to squeeze every bit of slo-mo out of the footage..

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  • @eyeBOX
    loved them!!!
    the last one it's just... jaja aja jaja fuckntastic!!!

    when I saw the panda bear me brain skipped to imagine something like fichli & weiss' Der Geringste Widerstand
    but this shit has a cosmos (and a soundtrack) of its own :P


  • Great video, great style! Made me totally stop to think about technical details, that means something. ;-)