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Canon Cinema EOS C100 camera topic
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  • Opinions have changed because the price is $6,499 instead of the $7,999, and it has the C300 image. After compiling a list of pros and cons of this and the BMCC MFT, I realized why it is so appealing.

    C100 Pros:

    -12 stops of DR at all ISOs up to 20,000 -Built-in ND -Replaceable battery -XLRs -S35 Sensor -Light weight -Long record time with low bitrate options -Excellent low light -Less rolling shutter -Less moire -4:2:2 hdmi output -IS -Auto-focus -fully featured adjustable LCD (waveform, peaking, etc) -uses cheap SD cards

    C100 Cons:

    -Price -8-bit codec -No HD-SDI

    BMCC Pros:

    -13 stops of DR at ISO 800 -12-bit RAW and Prores -2.5k resolution -Crazy lens options

    BMCC Cons:

    -Need audio solution and battery for it -No swivel screen -No HDMI -External ND required, deal with far red -All manual -No OLPF

    One thing that bothers me about the BMCC is that it seems so susceptible to far red problems. Even with filters that reduce it, the image still doesn't seem neutral. The C100 seems to have this under control with its in-camera filters.

    Also, the BMCC's trump card is its 13 stops of DR, but since it's really only at ISO 800, this increases the need for strong ND filters. On a bright sunny day where you'd need 13 stops the most, you'd need a lot of ND and close down the aperture, which is also a problem because your DOF will get deeper, especially with the sensor size. I don't know how many stops of ND would be required, but shooting a super bright day at F/2 and ISO 800 doesn't seem very feasible without stacking NDs to the point of really messing up your image.

    Anyways, I still have my BMCC MFT on pre-order, but I can't say that the C100 hasn't tempted me. I just need patience.

  • C100 with a ninja 2 isn't that bad of a setup.

  • @mintcheerios

    You missed the biggest "con" of the BMCC mft: it doesn't exist.

  • Having just shot my first music video with the fs700, I have a hard time seeing how the c100 could have anything to offer, except for ergonomics (depending on how you use a camera). Unless you´re an avid canon user and has all the glass for it already, I don´t see the point.

    When it comes to the bmd cam, it´s a completely different kind of tool IMO. It might be obsolete (on paper) by the time my order is in, though, depending on how fast sony will supply their 4k recorders.

    The c100 feels a bit like the af100 a few years back.. not a BAD deal for what it is, but overwhelmingly unexiting.

  • C100 seems like a very solid tool for a wide range of uses from broadcast to film. In many ways I agree that it's like an AF100 in terms of a really solid Pro Tool. You have a lot of functionality in the camera. FS700 would also be a very solid Tool.

    The BMC seems to me to be a much different animal from almost all of the cams in existence. You can't look at it as a well rounded Tool well suited to almost any situation like C100 or AF100. Not without a lot of add on bits to it. I think it's just what it's claiming to be, which is a Cinema Cam. You can really achieve a Cinematic look having a very flexible RAW image to work with, but it's not meant to be a ready to roll Proper Video Cam.

    I think the look of the C100 footage i've seen is great as well as the BMC footage i've seen. Just a matter of preference in terms of what someone wants and needs from their camera. I could easily see myself being totally happy with a C100 and a Ninja. I could also see myself being happy with a BMC, but with a few add on's to try and make it more functional in varied environments and situations.

    BMC really is following more of the DSLR style of basic features that you can add on to as needed. In some ways that really is a style some tend to prefer. If you aren't a Video Pro used to the most common features of Pro Vid Cams, then you probably won't have a problem at all working with a BMC or DSLR. I'm in that camp of shooters that aren't coming from an extensive Pro Video Background. No problem living with the limitations.

  • Yeah, I feel the C100 is like an AF100 with an awesome S35 sensor. Makes me wonder where Panasonic is with their AF line. They just need a good sensor with high DR and resolution in that thing and it'll be gold.

  • @mintcheerios, I think the AF100 was a HUGE fail in terms of it's design. Pany wasn't thinking outside the box enough. It's like they just totally were clueless about how people were using DSLR's and how other companies addressed the design of their cameras to try and address the NEW ergonomics of how a camera system should be based. The Sony big sensor efforts were also LAZY attempts IMO.

    OLD THINK. The AF100, FS100 were both just not well thought out in terms of ergonomics and flexibility IMO. The FS100 was closer but still not acceptable IMO. Much as people hate on Canon, the C500, C300 and C100 have at the least tried to come up with a design that made sense coming off the small form factor of a DLSR. They came up with a design that was IMO a great. You've got this hand held device that has just about everything you could need but not much of the bulk of the traditional Vid Cam. That was a nice mix of the DSLR ideal with the Pro Vid needs.

    The BMC was IMO just too much of a box than it needed to be. Once they had the basic concept of a RAW recorder and Sensor box, they should've had someone who understands ergonomics come in and design a form that could be held comfortably at any angle or position, controlled with the fingers much like a DSLR but with more Pro Vid controls, an adjustable screen so you could see it if held high or low. No sense having a touch screen only when having a few programmable buttons where your hands rest is the best possible design for shooting.

  • hahaha! Now that's the best video I've ever seen...

  • @bwhitz

    This is example made according to things I told guys in topic about proper gear reviews.

  • Hilarious vid. I sold my L series 85mm, stuck with the old reliable FD 85mm 1.2 - good barrel action for pulling focus.

  • Awesome and direct

  • @halimecondor

    You missed the biggest "con" of the BMCC mft: it doesn't exist.

    it's the other way round: it does not exist therefore there is no pro

  • @GravitateMediaGroup - Not a bad set up, but now you're just $500 short of buying an FS700 with 4K capability around the corner... Which, IMO, doesn't make a lot of sense.

  • @rockroadpix the fs700 is an amazing camera, I just think te way it's built isn't best for my style of shoting. I probably wouldn't get the c100/ninja setup, but it is descent.
    There are several options to pick from.

  • The c100 is an absolutely amazing camera. I made the full transition from GH2 to C100 and I am not looking back. I can handhold an 85mm unstabilized prime reasonably steady either handheld or with slight help from my edelkrone pocket rig. Thats something I never would have dreamed of with the Gh2 at an equivalent focal length. It has every feature I would need (60p really isn't even that big of a deal, you can do 60i conversions that look better than uprezzed 60p, and I like the ability to just shoot everything in 24p and convert in post using optical flow or twixtor anyway. The image from the c100 is simply spectacular. Such a joy to use

  • I love my C100 :-) but it does not hurt a little Improving.. Vitaliy_Kiselev can you help?


  • Help with your skills? :-)

  • Same for me, I start video work with the GH2 and the C100 is my new video tool, very usefull (size, lowlight) and I like to have great picture in light files. It's a shame it is so bridle, I miss not being able to take raw 8mp stills and it's frustrating not being able to shoot in 50/60p.