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Small high quality audio recorder
  • Hi - am looking for a smallish audio recorder to use as a bit bucket using line in from SD mix pre-d. I would also like to use it connected to my Rode lav mic, sometimes as a poor mans radio mic ( i know I wont be able to monitor sound this way but when I'm filming on my own this can be really handy) I've been using Zoom h1 for this - have been reasonably happy with the results connected to the mix pre-d using its version of 'line' in - but using the zoom and rode lav has given me quite noisey hissy audio.

    Is there a decent recorder out there that can handle true line in from the mix pre and has a low enough noise floor to create hiss free recordings when tethered to the Rode lav and can easily fit into someones pocket?

    The Sony PCM-M10 has fairly good reviews and is my top choice at the moment, just wondered if there was something same size or possibly slightly smaller that has similar audio quality ? it would need to be a decent step up in quality from the Zoom h1

    Any help would be gratefully received.....

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  • Check zaxcom maxx

  • thanks for that but i already have the mix pre-d - am just looking for a little bit bucket recorder

  • olympus DM-420

  • @ade4all I use Roland R-05 and am happy with quality with my Audio Technica Lav mics. I don't know much technically about specific noise floor and "true line in", but there is a jack at the top that is labeled "line in". I know someone who's pretty serious with his audio from a technical as well as quality perspective, and he uses the identical product branded under the Edirol brand label. They're pretty inexpensive as well, and small and very lightweight.

  • roland r09 is what i use..i love it. ..plugged into mixers via 3.5mm to xlr, audio technica shotgun mic, i even use it as an external mic for my r26 sometimes..

    i think the r05 is the update and have heard nothing but greatness surrounding it, as it is with everything roland makes.

  • I'm thinking of getting the Rode ixy mic for iPhone/itouch. The reviews I've seen so far seem its as good as much larger recorders like the zooms.

  • Thanks everyone for all the suggestions - have a lot of recorders to check out it seems