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Bitrate and render times
  • Just an FYI really - which I guess is perhaps kinda obvious - test your entire work flow when you're trying out different bit rates in the hack! I've previously had no trouble at all with the stock 24Mbps, but I've hit a wall with 88Mbps. It's workable in Premiere Pro, but my After Effects renders become completely disk and memory bound and the rendering times increase dramatically. (Keep in mind that PPro is using a different rendering engine to AE).

    Anyway, just something to keep in mind! I'm off to test bitrates and drive configurations to find out what's best suited to my post-production setup.
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  • You can use transcode always for high bitrate stuff.
    And yes, rendering engines can have trouble with high bitrates.
  • Adobe really need to work on AE's rendering engine, Premiere seems to be getting all the attention. Or better yet just combine the applications.

    For the same 1m29 project (88Mbps capture) I've just timed a render of 17m18 in AE, but only 2m30 in Premiere! And in Premiere Pro I was clearly CPU bound (all cores at 100%). AE was variously disk bound and memory bound, never CPU bound. And bizarrely around half the render time all of the CPUs, GPU, disk and memory were less than 50% used.

    I always used to edit in Premiere and online in AE, but I'm seriously thinking about only exporting the shots in AE that need it now.