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My Last GH2 Project
  • Recently had every penny of my camera gear stolen. A fitting commemorative final project to be shot on my stuff.

    @driftwood 's moon trial 5 Gh2 CY Zeiss 28

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  • We're all interconnected in this one large beautiful universe...all part of the same "whole"...until someone jacks your shit. Lol.

    Jokes aside, this is another killer film. Great work. Amazing sound, amazing imagery, and killer editing. Just let this setback stoke the ambition and passion further. Rock on

  • Oh Jessie, sorry to hear that man!
    Really nice work as usual, editing and grading look great and you've made a perfect use of lens flares.

  • Beautiful !

  • I really like the look and feel of this, sorry to hear about the gear... I hope it's not long till you find a way to express your creativity again.

  • I could only hope that the bastard who took your gear will be able to realize he can make art also.

  • Thanks everybody. Making the jump to the BMCC soon so not too much of a set back. Only'll miss my first serious camera setup.

  • Sucks to hear your gear got stolen, so much scum in this world!

    Anyways amazing video and great editing, I've been looking to incorporate the double-exposure style into one of my upcoming videos, do you mind explaining how you did it and what works best? (0:53 seconds in for example)

  • @Hakosuka - If you like this style, I definitely recommend looking into the avant garde film movement (Duchamp, Maya Deren, Brakhage, Milton).

    Specifically, it's all about blending modes. For that shot, I believe I set the blending mode to screen or overlay. These modes treat different luminance tones of the image with different opacities.

    For color as well, I graded with Filmconvert and added Gorilla Grains vintage grain in screen blending mode to lighten the whole piece.

  • Looks great

  • looks superb. keep it up and dont let this discourage you, looking forward to see what you will shoot with your new set up!

  • @artiswar Yh I've studied Avant-garde film before and this reminded me of it. I figured it would be with different blending modes I just wasn't sure what worked well and what didn't? Did you get one shot of the sky that is bright and one shot of a person that was signifcantly darker? Or is it more luck in terms of which footage works well with each other?

  • @Hakosuka A screen blending mode with a regularly exposed person over a normal clip should yield results similar to these. Used overlay and screen primarily.