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Raw video on Canon 5d Mark 3 and other cameras using liveview framebuffer
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  • Yeah, I heard one blog mention things getting a little toasty warm.

  • We'll see how it goes. Will it be reliable and more details.

  • This is really interesting! No reason to give any final verdict yet. But I really hope ML-team will work this out. Stability will be really important as well. I'm a little worried about the actual visual errors we see now, and hope they get ironed out. Specifically:

    • Seemes like vertical "banding" in out of focus areas. Originals can be downloaded here

    • Motion seems to be way off, just pay attention to the cars driving in here:

    Again, we need to wait and see.

    If magic lantern team succeeds on this, I think it will be more focus on the workflow on the raw capable cameras. The 5D3 will certainly be more interesting for me too, but still I think a BM would be my RAW camera upgrade as long as they succeed implementing a more complete product with audio features and compressed raw.

    I think my perfect RAW cam would be a next generation BMDC 2.5K with global shutter, active m4/3, higher raw compression ratio, XLR audio with phantom and built in ND. Sigh ;-)

  • a1ex just uploaded a patch to correct some of the tearing problems that people have been seeing with motion.

    In general, the BM camera is still a fine choice in a lot of ways - among them, being able to shoot prores instead of raw when one doesn't need a bazillion stops of DR, cheaper media per gigabyte. I look forward to using a BMPCC along with my now-hacked 5dIII!

  • People are getting excited, and I suppose I understand why--though it's still early.

    But suppose we get to a best case scenario, where everything is running smoothly and you can record RAW @ 1920x1080p24....

    What advantages would this have over the BMCC? It's a full frame sensor (that's actually a negative in my book because focus because even more of a bitch). You can't record to ProRes like BMCC and save a bunch on all that extra data storage you'll have to do. So you'll have to dish out just as much (more?) for recording and storage as you would a BMCC. With the BMCC at least you have the option to record in the more thrifty / budget conscious ProRes. And you're still going to have the heat issues and recording time limits of the 5d, no? Plus the 5d mk3 costs more than the BMCC. Also, in the best case scenario, is monitoring externally a possibility with the 5d mk3? (Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with the 5d line for a while.)

    ...the two main advantages, to me, seems to be (1) if you also are very heavy into stills photography and (2) superior low-light performance.

    If you're not into stills or don't need superior low-light, then why prefer the RAW 5d mk3 to the BMCC (unless you really like the full frame)? This is a serious question.

  • I don't see this as a BMCC or Canon 5dmk3 issue. As a Canon owner this possibility is frankly speaking quite awesome. I tested the new firmware and the image quality is very, very good and I can definitely see applications for this. I am still interested in the BMCC/BMPC for a wider range of applications, but having a full frame RAW video camera available without hefty extra investment? That's something :)

  • Best 5D3 ML 1080 24p RAW footage so far.

  • This is stunning footage. If only the GH3 could be hacked to do the same. Ergonomically and in terms of usable functions it is so much easier to use in low budget documentary situations.

  • Update: THIS is the best (jawdropping) footage

  • Have they figured out the playback issues yet? That is a deal breaker for me. There are days when I need to check what a subject was saying and there isn't the time to remove the card and insert into AE so I can make sure everything was covered and clean. Actually, is there an audio capability? Or did I just go back into my S16/35mm days?

  • You can shoot a H.264 proxy

  • shooting in RAW and H264 at the same time will impact your write speed for the DNG, wont it?

  • Apparently not that much.

  • This really makes me want to pick up a mk3 just to compare it to an epic.

  • Direct comparison of ML "RAW" on 5D MkIII and a BMCC at 2.5K RAW. The thistle comparison shots are reversed right to left.

  • I'm super impressed with the comparison and Andrew's latest footage.

    Anyone know what the status of the hack on the mk2 is? I know it's working to some extent, but the stuff I saw yesterday still had frame skipping and some weird tearing... all the attention is on the mk3 right now, but I really want to know if my mk2 can stop collecting dust (for video) and leap to the front again!

  • Looks interesting - great for free but lots of blob-ing and mosquito going on at the moment - be nice if that got sorted.

  • I can shot for two minutes continuous without frying the sensor?

  • who would have thought the 5D to be a BMCC killer someday...? :)

    Heck, it even has less (None, as it seems) color moire than the BMCC on the tarmac in the first comparison shot! And is only a tad softer..

    Maybe some months from now we can pick up some small canon dslr and have ourselves an even cheaper BMPCC...

  • Do u not think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves ? I mean how practical is it in the feild ? Heat issues? Etc! I want it to be great but I'm not counting on it in reality

  • Well, good point. BMD stated that heat was an issue in designing the BMPCC.

    But this should not be any different for the sensor of the 5D than it has been for all liveview modes- And the write speed itself should not cause a great heat problem should it?

    @squig: what do you base your information on? the night shot video does not state anything about a H.264 in-camera proxy.

  • It's great news for me cause I will be getting my BMPCC early, 5DmarkIII sales will go up & a few thousands of BMPCC orders cancelled. Blackmagic better hurry with the BMCC m4/3 version, there new 4k model, and specially the Pocket Cinema Camera cause Magic Lantern is moving fast. Personally I think it's exciting news just because it show's how much the big companies are holding back tech wise, Raw recording was possible in DSLR all along. The 1DC, 1DX, C100 will suffer the most from this, sales will drop big time once Magic lantern figures an audio path, and real stable recording. Here is the match 15mins of Raw recording time on a 128gb card gonna need a whole lot of hardrives. BMPCC ProRes workflow with 13 stop of DR, and sharp images that's a winner in my book. Off course the BMPCC cannot see in the dark like the 5DIII does, and don't have the field of view the 5D has but it's a compromise that I can live with. Possible GH2/GH3 Raw hack? who knows..

  • I really hope this works out. If it does Canon has ALOT of explaining to do to loyal owners about crippling cameras to protect their market prices.