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Your fantasy for ideal Lumix MFT new lens ?
  • I created this topic about desires and fantasy Lumix lens.

    1. zomm lens 10-100 mm , f/1.8 , parafocal, mechanical/electric function ... non extending ... an no fantasy prices.

    What's your fantasy for ideal Lumix MFT lens ?

    May be Panny will listen to us and make our fantasy to reality ...

    Fantasy is free!

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  • Lumix 12-35 f/2.8 cine version with declicked aperture ring and ff gear for less than 1000$. Any "cine" lens, wider-better. For example rehoused 14mm 2.5 and 20mm 1.7 with full manual controls!

    And, 8mm fast rectilinear prime for s16 sensor! :) Yeah I want that bm pocket beast too.

  • No, I want Tokina to make 11-16 with native m4/3 mount!

  • @inqb8tr , "Lumix 12-35 f/2.8 cine version with declicked aperture ring and ff gear for less than 1000$"


  • f/2.8 version of 7-14mm with IS. Would be a killer for BM pocket :) Can also be slightly more tele if makes it easier to contruct (e.g. 9-18 mm)

  • i feel like my response is boring now people have already suggested things i was thinking ! :D but , 11 - 35 t2 cine lens with ff gear and declicked but i have no idea about lens physics ahah, just like a wider faster cine suited versions of the olympus 14 - 35 f2 FT lens

    also a 9mm and 12mm 0.95's by voigtlander (i dont even mind if they go up to f1.6 to make it easier )

  • I think the 12-35/35-100 Panny lenses would be pretty great if they just re-utilized the same glass and put them in cine housings. You know, give them decent metal bodies, manual focus, de-clicked and rounded aperture, rings with hard stops and follow focus gears . . . slightly larger front diameter and non-extending/rotating front end.

    There are other great lenses out there . . . really great glass . . . but the housings are not at all conducive to narrative video work, thanks to fly-by-wire focus, mostly. But the two Panny Zooms cover a pretty wide range at a pretty good aperture and they match.

  • 20mm 1.7 Mk II. Fast and continuous AF.

  • Lumix or Voigtlander fast ultra wide please :)

  • rokinon with MFT mount is good for me. also the fucking 50mm, and the 120 mm ver t1.5 they havnt buid yet.

    8, 14, 24, 35 50, 85 120mm t1,5 awesome.

  • Something like a 12-75 F/2.0 Zoom with Full Manual and Full Automatic Control OIS and Power Zoom. I'd hardly ever take this lens off.

  • @johnnymossville , +1 would add 10-75 :-)

  • I’d love to see a rectilinear super wide and somewhat fast lens (at least F/2.8) with mechanical focus - or a least a focus ring that works by wire but doesn’t turn infinitely. Also, I’d have already bought the Panny 12-35mm if it didn’t have this crappy focus ring!

  • How about variable prime, not zoom.

    Lens consisting from 4 parts.

    1. Main body, 12mm/16mm F2 (switchable via zoom ring, not smooth, only two positions) bayonet on front.
    2. Special lens converter attachment turning it to 24mm/32mm F2
    3. Special lens converter attachment turning it to 45mm/60mm F2
    4. Special lens converter attachment turning it to 100mm/135mm F2

    Automatic recognition of converter.

    All controller, focus motor, OIS are located in body. OIS specially change work mode. for each converter

    As result - full set of good, tack sharp stabilized primes.

  • If they made the 35-100mm F2.8 for FREE then that would be my dream lens.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev +1 , very modular and great idea too :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev grate idea, totally doable.

  • VK beat me to it :) I have always wanted a variable prime: 12-16-25 2.0 since I mostly shoot with those focal lengths at f2.0. My first idea was to have a Bolex turret, but VK's is great!


    My perfect lens? A m4/3 Nikon zoom 12-60 f2 sharp and creamy Nikkor optics with mega O.S.

  • All Oly/Panny m43 primes with manual focus ring & manual stepless aperture ring. Yes built-in lens gears. Sorta cine version.

  • A matched (body size, focus speed, aperture,etc) fast prime (=< than F2) set with autofocus. Getting kind of tired of these one-off lenses that are great but have no corresponding sets.