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SOLD: GH3 (GH2, etc ) Cage
  • I'm in need for the money and decided to sell the cage (only 10 of these was ever made, according to Jake). I own one of these 10 cages that "Jake" made, not sure if there will be any more ...

    Grab your chance!

    The price is 400 euro + 20 euro postage! Payment via PayPal

    I'm located in Sweden

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  • Last price reduction: 350 euro + 20 euro postage. It hurts my heart selling this piece of kit that i won't be able to buy again. I need the money for some unexpected costs ...

  • Do you have photos?

  • @chenopup , yes, attached (sorry the middle image is full size )

    1500 x 1125 - 300K
    4000 x 3000 - 5M
    1200 x 900 - 872K
  • Willing to ship to the USA? I'm considering buying a GH3 and need a cage for it.

  • Yes, please pm

  • Hi Feha, I will buy it. Give me a Mail. BR Uli

  • Well dung heap! That was fast! - Has any one been in touch with Jake? He seemed to come sell just a couple and then disappear. I'd be interested in whether or not he'd let his plans go. Got a CNC machine I'd love to cut one on.

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