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RGB Video levels, 16-235? vs 0-255, Olympus OMD
  • OMD mov video files looked completely blown out c/w GH2 files, so switched levels on media player to 16-235, result! Anybody know why the media players would be expanding the levels from the files, codec or computer h/w problem?

    Interestingly the files imported into LR and exported are then perfect levels and playable with any media player without any messing with rgb levels?

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  • most software players enhance the video, and that is not always the best.

  • This is a known issue with macs. You can (as you point out) specify the correct range in your media player or NLE, but another option is to just convert the file into something else, for example prores. 5dtoRGB is great for that.

  • 16-235 is what tv's display...

    commonly known as 'studio swing' colour space.


  • I suggest OMD video is 16-235 (709), like GH2, I use MPEG Streamclip for transcoding to Avid Mov DNxHD and I use 709 (not RGB) settings of codec. But I'd like to know it for sure.

  • Me too ;-(