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  • Happy birth day to you !11

  • Happy birth day to all of you !!! :-) .

  • Merry Enoldening, a great resource and collection of supremely talented folks with a common goal. This is a hard thing to achieve in real life. To achieve anything like on the internet is a testament to what goes on here. Congrats Vit

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • Happy birthday everybody!

  • Happy Birthday to all PV and VK!

  • Many thanks for the effort, it's been one of the few, but for some of us key moments of overcoming corporate logic that demotivates and closes us in. You, and this forum with all the participants, as well as film and not-film-stuff connected debates ( mainly guys though, I would imagine ) instead opened new places. Keep on the good work, its worth it!

  • Happy B-day PV and VK!!!

  • Congrats from Slovakia too VK and PV :) Such a great community here. I'm almost year with you. I've been watching for some time and when VK announced G3 hack developement, I've joined to participate and to give just a little when I could. I'm looking forward to upcoming news and projects... Wish you all the best

  • Happy birthday PV and thanks to Vitaliy : )

  • Happy B-Day VK/PV!

  • Great site, great community. Well done Vitaliy - truly a great achievement. Thank you. Much appreciation to everyone contributing, particularly Driftwood. Thanks all.

  • happy birthday Personal-View and congrats to VK!

  • Happy birthday Vitally, and thanks! Out of all the sites I frequent, this one has less attitude and more information than any of them.

  • Congrats and many thanks VK! :-)

  • Grats chief


  • Happy B-day All! : ) Thank you Vitaliy ! What a great community : ) It may look like a baby but moves like a giant in its path. All the best!

  • Congratulations!! Happy 2 years to you.

  • Happy Birthday - seems more like 3 years for some reason.

  • Congrats and cheers!

  • Congrats VK, PV and all the PVniks!

    Imagine a world without PV! Oblivion ( not the Tom Cruise movie! )

    oblivion |əˈblivēən| noun 1 the state of being unaware of what is happening

  • Congratulations

  • In a sea of misinformation and squabbling, Personal-View is a haven of talent and inspiration.

    Thanks, V-K, and all the contributors that make this place what it is.

  • Happy BDay and Congrats!! Still loving this place for the info/perspective/laughs.