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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • Here's the video by the way. Vimeo compression has the grain/noise macro blocking like mad, as does the mp4 source file. Looks pretty ugly to be honest. The image detail in the source file is incredible, although the noise is quite off putting, even at ISO 200. Once graded the noise really pushes up. Anyone getting clean images at ISO 200 in the mid tones and shadows?

  • @dado023 Indeed exFAT file system practically does't have limitation of file size but it is only for cards with capacity higher than 32GB called SDXC. SDHC cards (4GB-32GB) are formated with FAT32 and have 4GB partition size/file limit. What we have in GH2 cameras may be because of backward compatibility.

  • @overexposure It still applies - the latest firmware was the one that even added 25P, so it wasn't an option before that. The way it was added did not implement 25P at the same quality as 24P.

  • @itimjim I noticed the same thing with noise at low iso's,I kind of just took it as a characteristic of Moon trial 5.I must say the images on your short look quite impressive to me minus the technical flaws you spoke on,very cinematic.I'm not a pro or anything but I love the images out of the GH2 as displayed in your short.considering where this camera came from I can't complain any about it's abilities.I would say beyond test videos,when I actually see the GH2 put into a production environment"with some skill" I'm always impressed,nice work!

  • Hi Just thought I would post this clip I just finished on the GH2 with Moon Trial 5. Its a guitar instrumental...and most of it was green screen work, and I had to spread myself a little thin...doing everything that was needed...playing, engineering, filming, post etc...I am sure many here know the story. Anyway here is a at 1080P obviously and the original footage is higher quality still...but large file sizes.


  • Nice guitar work :-) Harvey @Astro

  • HI Nick.. Thanks mate, havent posted here for a while, I have to spend a lot of time arranging music and stuff. BUT I have to say your new moon patches are awesome, love them, I basically stick to the I Frame stuff mainly. I will be working on a new clip (a song) soon, and I will post a link here sometime soon. Thanks again are a legend Cheers Harvey

  • Just an amateur clip done with Moon 5. A day with friends and our children out on the countryside

  • Slipstream gh2+canon fd

  • SanDisk Ultra 32gig 30MB/s 24L - doesn't span - Slipstream 3

  • Quick question for anyone who might know. I just shot a play with drewnet tonight that took up 25gb on my 64gb SDXC card...I want to try again tmrw with perhaps Moon trial 5 but I'm not sure if that is a terrible idea or not. Can someone give me a few quick pointers as to whether my card is going to fill up too quick or if it will fail to record the entire length / if I'll have to pause in order for it not to fail the recording? There's a second shooter so I'll have backup when I'm editing if something goes awry, but I I want to hear your guys' thoughts if anyone wouldn't mind helping a shooter out.


  • I haven't had any issues with Moon spanning on that card @RyanPW. Actually I haven't had any spanning issues on any of Driftwoods Intra hacks he's produced in the past 6 months or so. I do believe some people have though.

  • Spizz Trial 5 -

    Incomplete Sci-Fi London 48hr film challenge 2013. Pulled out after 4hrs of filming due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • @Astro Excellent Guitar Playing!

  • @bozzie what a shame, that was excellent. What lens was you using on there, lovely looking. Grade was top too, what are you using?

  • Decent looking blacks there @Bozzie. Spizz is an excellent setting.

    @zeedmanz Sweet shots. Which Slipstream version did you install on your GH2?

    Tell me @tomasmackey were the original mts files superb looking? (vimeo rendering is ok but could be better)

    @omnidecay You said Spizz spans in L, could you compare how it gets on for the same scene with FM2 - on L ? Noones done that test and we're still looking at ways of improving Spizz for the next trial. thanks. :-)

  • Thanks @itimjim. Used a 50mm Nikon prime. Graded using curves and 3 way color correction.

  • @driftwood I'm no expert on settings, but to the naked eye and having tried Moon etc, Spizz T5 just does it for me. Good balance between Image quality, motion & noise, imho.

  • @Bozzie What f-stop were you using in the dark shots? If it was a f1.4, did you ever use it completely open?

  • @giulix prova moon cinema -2-2-2-2,

  • Hello,

    I getting broken images with 12/15 GOP 'DREWnet'. I'm using the 64gb 95mb card. My settings are 24p cinema, shutter set at to 50 and using nikons lenses.

    Can some one help me out please! I need to shoot some stock footage ASAP.

    1920 x 1080 - 5M
  • @jramos first: which trial of DREWnet? Second: link me to an mts file which contains the 'breakup' via Dropbox. Pm me.

  • @ driftwood Thanks for the fast reply!

    I'm using this setting. I'm uploading the file right now.

    12/15 GOP 'DREWnet' - Traditional Long GOP 12 (PAL) / 15 (NTSC)

    Update News:Today (Saturday 3rd March) Trial 8 released with more adjustments to 24H matrix to improve P/B frame sizes and 80% mode working in 24H.

    FSH & 720p modes plus iA (intelligent Auto) modes stabilised and working. Same QP10 Rate Control - Amazing quality as Trial 6 on 1080p24 - Defeats the GH3's IPB modes. :-) We are very nearly there on 12/15 Long GOP (as far as we can go)

    Cluster X Series: 12/15 GOP - 'DREWnet' Trial 8 - Released 03/03/2013


  • I tested today Cluster X 'DREWnet' Trial 8 , Drewnet Sharp, Drewnet Sharp2 , Flow Motion v2.02 and Sanity 5.1

    Only Sanity 5.1 didn't give me broken images, all the other hacks had errors.

    I wondering if any of my setting are wrong?

    Here is another images from Drewnet Sharp2.

    1920 x 1080 - 5M
  • Hello, I've been away from patching for the past year or so, My gh2 is patched with Quantum v9b Updated.. Is there any recent patch that performs as well or better in terms of IQ?

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