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4K Black Magic Production Camera, raw, $2495 now
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  • @vitaliy --- all the image links on that URL are currently broken --- they are having a web nightmare ...

    July !! and I haven't got my 2.5K camera yet --- perhaps I ought cancel the order!

  • @andyharris

    Yep, can be good idea. And quite fun thing can happen if people find a way to convert pocket camera into full fledged one (use all sensor).

  • So, I'm slightly confused, compressed raw 4k internally, or only with recorder, and if only with recorder, then what is the internal res, 2.5k?...they lost me with wording in the announcement.

    As far the EF mount, I'm not its biggest fan, but I've got to admit, there are a lot of lenses out there that work with it, both Canon and electronic and manual and vintage and cinema and everything else. It makes a lot more sense on a Super 35mm sensor than it did on the original.

  • This is pure fun! What a boon for gh2 and m43 gear owners. Vitaliy, thanks for having all this information so well organized here. And thanks to the people on the concrete at NAB sending in their findings.

  • @Brian202020, that does seem like a good way to make just one reduce the flange distance, in this case of EF-M, 18mm. Perhaps there is licencing rights or licencing cost issues from Canon, or the new EF-M mount electronic functions are more complicated to program from the BMCC side?

    The Sony FZ-mount has wide diameter all the way back to the mount/sensor. It seems like there would be no lenses, or only a few, limited by this mount, and it said to be a solid mount compared to the E-mount. I am now waiting to the "Production" mount version.

  • Time to preorder. goodbai. i got a fresh EF BMCC today if anyone is interested? received it today.

  • Hot Rod Cameras is taking preorders for the 4K and the pocket cam for $1 + shipping. I went ahead and put my name in the hat for the 4K.

  • I can only say days of joy on what respect cameras, and end user. If they really bet all cards right, and they can really start shipping before the end of the year, then Canon/Sony/Red/Panasonic BEWARE AND WAKEUP or else, BlackMagic will become the number 1 in very short time. A move like this of delivering good products for good prices. If done properly can make blackmagic design sell millions of cameras, and make other companies try to understand why... while lowering prices or vanish.

    I understand people like some brands, and companies have relations, but for end user this is gold, I can imagine myself doing 4k with this camera, it as all I need to. Buy some rokinon cinema lenses (its ok for the price) a rig, extra battery option, matte-box, some regular SSD cards, and you are ready for competing with hundred thousand dollars equipment. Absolutely out of reach for personal or cheap projects.

    I'm not becoming any better or worst because of the tool is just that the tool allows me to do more for the same price and that's the gold of it.

    Now let's see where this ends. Maybe they can get this in mass production by the end of the year it's ok for me, and just maybe the specs, bugs and reliability are just "GOOD ENOUGH" to make it a good camera.

    I believe in you Blackmagic, don't disappoint us by being like other brands, that see customers like money.

    Thanks Vitaliy.

  • I'm sure they'll release a MFT version later as they did with the 2.5K. I haven't found anything with guys see any details on that?

  • I agree, just not MFT, as the sensor size and the mount diamater are probably not going to work. Sony FZ-mount seems solid, huge diameter and 18mm flange distance.

  • Why would they release a MFT version with a Super35 sensor? That doesn't make any sense.

  • Effective Sensor Size: 21.12mm × 11.88mm (Super 35)
    Effective Resolution: 3840 × 2160

    21.12mm × 11.88mm is not Super 35. It’s actually slightly smaller than the standard Academy ratio 35 mm aperture.

  • EF mount is very good, you can adapt fine lenses to it, Canon, Rokinon, Zeiss C.P., Canon Cinema lenses, and with adapters this list expand. There where really not many alternatives, because of sensor, is Canon, Nikon or PL, nikon is not that common as canon, an PL is very expensive glass. The other brands are not competitive.

  • @arknox

    EF mount is a disappointment.

    Canon lenses are great. It is just the bodies that are the issue. If this body works great with good lenses then everyone will be happy.

  • Can't blame BM for native EF support first. There must be more customers from Canon than any other brands.

  • From what i've seen the Canon EF Mount has a ton of options so what is all the complaints really? Overall this is pretty much EXACTLY the kind of camera many of us have been asking for. These guys listen to their public which is basically guys like us. They are catering to our demographic in a big way. High quality and low price for the common man. I'm happy about it all.

  • The frame-rates are 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30. Pardon my MFT comment earlier.

  • Exciting times!! I think the Pocket one will become the next gh2 for hacking porpuses.

    Vitaliy, we should start getting together some $$ for you or driftwood to get one this babies and start playing with it the second they come out!!!

  • MFT - you can always have a crop mode like RED, plus all the adapter options. It's NOT the stupidest idea ever. Not having an aperture ring on your lenses...that's the stupidest idea ever.

  • oops- just downgraded from Red Scarlet upgrade to a 30fps 4K Blackmagic camera pre-order... I hate the BM form factor but let's hope they deliver footage and cameras sooner than the Dragon update.

    Only remaining question is the low light capability and cinematic look from the Global shutter, which are the Achilles heel of most cameras...

    Despite the benefits, no 60P seems to be the biggest drawback, but then again you can always rent if you really need super slow-motion...

    To afford all this, I think I need to own a Cypress bank...

    on the other hand- just saw the Red Scarlet-X to Epic or Dragon Scarlet (Huh?) upgrade offer- too many to choose from..

    "2 Simple Options.

    1. Upgrade your Scarlet to Full Epic-X (including new black body) - $9500. After that.. you can upgrade your Epic-X to Full Epic Dragon through the normal Epic-X to Dragon process.

    2. Upgrade your Scarlet to Scarlet Dragon - $9500 ( keep your grey body ) Get all the dynamic range and new color science of the Dragon with a max framerate of 5K 60fps. Full specs to come soon.

    Pre-orders begin this Thursday. Upgrades begin July. "

  • I agree, Shian, but there is quite a bit of EF mount glass with Aperture rings out there these days.

  • EF mount is a dissapointment for many since it is virtually non-adaptable. No PL for this thing. EF-M or anything with short flange distance (such as kinefinitys own mount) would have made more sense. An EF adapter could always be included or sold separately. Now options are locked out. I guess it is due to keep the price as low as possible. However making only one model with different separate adapters could save money elsewhere.

  • Guys, I'm Mr. Micro 4/3 Vintage guy. But come on...Canon, Samyang, Nikon, M42, all the Zeiss cinema stuff and Canon Cinema stuff....

  • Philip Bloom's thoughts:

    Update: His comments about the BMPC using a CCD sensor have been redacted.

    I personally found some of his comments really strange. He actually preferred that the BMPC didn't have the global shutter of a CCD sensor, but rather a "well-controlled rolling shutter" like the CMOS equipped Alexa and Epic.

    I just wish this was a newly developed 4K cmos sensor. Yes we would have rolling shutter but it can be controlled with good processing. Look at the rolling shutter in the Alexa and Epic/ Scarlet for example. It’s do-able.

    This almost feels like some desperate Canon rep trying to downplay one of the camera's best new features. Look at the rolling shutter in the Alexa and Epic? Yeah, we've seen it and we don't want it there. He also keeps mentioning that the CCD sensor it uses is "old tech".

    S35 is the industry standard and is hugely desirable. The problem is it’s using old tech [CCD].

    He also says

    The 4k sensor is CCD, yes this means global shutter, but it also means inferior dynamic range and less sensitivity.

    I've heard a lot of complaints about the Production Camera, but I've not heard one person complain about it using a CCD sensor and how it is "old tech" (actually I didn't know it used a CCD sensor until Bloom's post).

    He also has a tongue-in-cheek letter telling all the camera manufacturers to stop making cameras because what we have is good enough and ends it with "Yours sincerely, The filmmaking community". His reaction to BMD releasing two game changers (that target Canon the most) is a jokingly written open letter telling camera manufacturers to stop making cameras. If one thing's for sure, this guy definitely does not speak for the filmmaking community.

  • @mpgxsvcd Don't share your view on Canon lenses. If you're happy using plastic lenses without aperture rings great but I'm not, and there are far less Canon FDs out there than any of the older Nikon glass. Luckily Nikon AIS glass go on an EF mount, but that's not really the point. The point is no glass with shorter flange distances can be used and neither can an APSC to full frame speed booster.