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A second body: NEX-3N or NEX-5N?
  • I think buy a second body basically for photo still and leaving the GH2 basically for video.

    I have reached the conclusion that the ideal would be one of these two options because arent so expensive. With less than $400 I can get one of these bodies even be used. I cant buy a NEX-7, NEX-6, E-M5 or E-PL5. Sony has a magnificent sensor, is excellent for photo still, plus I can use my old glasses, I think the Zuiko 50mm f1.8 or Asahi SMC 50mm f2 is one luxury with NEX to photograph street, rather than the GH2 as photo still.

    And although the opportunity for ask which of the two NEX is better for video ?, Isnt the for video, but if I use one as a second camera in any circumstance or for any determinated shot, and I like the idea of have two different systems to experience both worlds.

    Thanks advanded

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  • The Nex 5n is better than the 3n, can adapt a Evf, 1080 at 60p, and i think is cleaner at low light. I have a full loaded 5n and now i gonna invest in a Gh3 with olympus lens.

  • @xenogears, thanks. Some economical option to the Sony FDA-EV1S or is the only EVF forthe NEX-5N?

  • Huh, I think best idea to select among last generation - 5R ro 6.

  • Yes @Vitaliy_Kiselev, but are some more expensive; are about U$200-300 more, isnt much money, but I dont make money of photography or shorts and I dont have a great salary but spend a lot on this, I have to buy some adapters, card, second battery and my long-term goal is a Nokton which is very expensive. I love the NEX-6 -I dont understand why Sony did not touchscreen- but I dont break the piggy bank, although when I see the NEX-6 I feel tempted.

    I only need a best camera for photo still -not traditional DSLR- and a think all NEX are good for that, but so produce good video to where it needs to complement the GH2.

  • @Manu4Vendetta

    May be go K-01 way? :-)

  • Just go pick up a used VG20 or 30, which was what I did. You don't have to contend with overheating issues, and it's a proper camcorder with sound controls.

  • My understanding of the subject is:

    All Nex cameras with 16Mp have the same low light performance, I already downloaded and saw it.

    If there is no EVF you can put a loupe in te LCD. 460k pixels LCD is good enough for focus, just confirm if it has magnification because even with 1000k dots LCD you will need magnification, so LCD resolution is not a reason to choose.

    Nex-3N comes with a built in flash, makes it more portable. also body is smaller

    Nex-3n comes wit a wider lens, 16mm instead of 18 and for APS-C this difference is important. Also the lens retracts making camera smaller to carry and zoom is motorized.

    There is no mic input in both and the sony mic will not help anyway. external audio recording is a must for both.

    Nex-3n LCD flips upwards which is enough. If you need it downards to shoot over your head invert camera orientation and it is done.

    Both have 24p, but Nex-3n does not have 60p. You can do a interpolated deinterlace and turn 60i into 60p with small difference in resolution. I believe sony vegas can do this and also many other softwares including virtualdub/avisinth wich are free.

    If you need a powerfull flash, both cameras are no go. Better to get a camera wit default flash shoe like T3i (more heavy and big)

    Here, expected price for 3n is 60% the price for a 5n so it is the way to go.

  • I second @apefos ' advice. Buying these cameras is for size/stealth and then nex-3n is quite good with similiar specs. I also always thought the 50p on my NEX 5N to be a bit softer and mushier than 25p, so probably interpolating 50i/60i will not give so much difference. Premiere also interpolates interlaced footage by default when slowing down to 50%.

  • At this point, the 3n body isn't available by itself, so below $400 is impossible . You can get a used 5n for less that $400 however. Also all quality judgements about the 3n are not based on any professional, or even user reviews. There are only "previews" so far for this camera. DXO speculates that the sensor is the same used in the f3. That said, the lens price itself is $ the camera is only costing $150. That's pretty hard to pass. The video quality is unknown. The verdict of whether it has the cleaner 5n image or the moire of the 5r.... is out. I would say ....if you're going to use it for photography the 3n will give the same results, and if you're going to use it for video, either buy the used 5n...or wait until there are some user opinions about video quality.

  • Want to repeat my proposal of K-01 kit and some manual primes :-) At least it has good screen and mic input.

  • I looked at the k-01 thread and read that peaking is disabled when video recording begins. A definite bummer ! It is cheap however...but the 3n is very small ! A k-01 2 lens kit at b&h cost like 480, but it's almost as bulky as a dslr. I'd prefer the nex route simply because the mount will have many more future options. All in all....if the pentax had focus peaking implemented during capture, I might be more convinced.

  • Wait a couple of weeks, is my suggestion. After NAB, some models may come crashing down in price. Keep an eye on fuji and samsung models / prices as well.

  • I looked at the k-01 thread and read that peaking is disabled when video recording begins. A definite bummer !

    Yes, small bummer. Yet check responses by owners, camera gets very good responses. It had been actually reinvented by many Pentaxians after discounts wave.

    It is cheap however...but the 3n is very small ! A k-01 2 lens kit at b&h cost like 480, but it's almost as bulky as a dslr.

    You do not need double kit, either $299 body, or 40mm kit. Plus some manual primes.

    I'd prefer the nex route simply because the mount will have many more future options. All in all....if the pentax had focus peaking implemented during capture, I might be more convinced.

    You will definitely have more options with NEX, but it can be not advantage, but distraction. Lens addiction. All Samyangs are available in Pentax mount and they are all A versions. Do you need much more actually?

  • DxOmark gives differences between the 5n and the 3n|0/%28brand%29/Sony/%28appareil2%29/737|0/%28brand2%29/Sony

  • I love Pentax, but K-01 dont admite EVF, is very big; like a traditional DSLR, in that aspect I prefer the 3's, I was recently in the Sony Center where I had the 7, 5N and F3, when I held the 5N I feel a bit uncomfortable but I can adapt me, when I hold the F3 was like taking a fist bike; ergonomic and comfortable, I guess the 3N will be similar.

    Also I rather like the NEX because I can put it in my pocket.

    Somebody have any idea about a light drop price in the NEX-6 in the coming weeks?, If the body were somewhat below the 600 is very likely to buy.

  • For the current low prices I would second the Nex-5n. I have it and after one year of using it I don't regret my decision. I have a lot of photographer friends and they always stare amazed at the quality of the pictures that come out from my nex. Using it with the sony 16mm or a Industar 28mm 2.8 you can even put it in your pocket. The screen has great definition, lowlight is exceptional, video quality is better than average Canon and dynamic range is on par with GH3. Finally, it has the shortest flange distance so you can put every lens in the world.

  • Thanks Vitaliy_Kiselev, yesterday there was a body at U$600 at ebay, when I get a few minutes later was sold.

    I know this isnt the the thread for this probably, but more I read have more questions; I've read comments about the quality video of the NEX-6 isnt very good, as I said my intention is for photo still, but if the camera have good quality video is important as second camera on at some point, and there seems that the NEX-6 is not convincing as the 5N. But the NEX-6 is excellent photo still as every NEX, and I love the design, look like ergonomic and has integrated EVF.

    Which is difficult for a manufacturer to make a full chamber, and with no good but in some section. Now I'm involved in more doubts; the pocket NEX-5N, the heart NEX-6, but I will not take a bad surprise with the video of the NEX-6.

  • I like the EVF from the 5n is very a versatile one, can be rotate upwards at 90 degres, is in the middle of the camera over the lens (personal preference), and have a nice distance from the camera it self.

  • As I understand video of 5N is certainly not better than NEX-6.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, people speak about problems with aliasing and moire. Really I dont seen a video made with NEX-6 convincing. If NEX-6 have a good quality level of 5N I put it on my list.

  • @Vitaly_Kiselev I thought the same, but a personal opinion from Johnnie Behiri at vimeo (2nd comment) change that thinking:

    it says that the Nex 6 suffer even more moire and aliasing problems than the Nex 5n. He had previously used the 5n to do a small document work for the BBC. Even user from DPReview has comment this.

  • I just got a NEX 5R with 16-50 pancake zoom and the extra OLED EVF. With Portrait -3-3-3 it has slight aliasing on fine lines such as tree branches in the distance. It works fine with textile patterns in close ups though. Will try sunset profile tomorrow and see if it improves anything. Overall a damn fine camera :-)

  • I read somewhere that the NEX 6 has a weaker low pass filter than the 5N.

  • @xenogears, definitely the video quality of the NEX-6 dont seem be very good.