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Official Nikon D600 and D610 topic
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  • I'm surprised that even though the D600 has been out for quite some time, there's hardly any footage of it being used on a "real" production yet. I wonder how different the video quality is compared to the D800 - does anyone know if it's at all comparable?

  • I guess most dslr shooters still use canon, and are invested in canon glass. If Nikon is getting the rumored firmware fix for aperture adjustment in LiveView, I think we will see more D600 video footage. I'm using both D600 and GH2, and despite it's shortcomings I start to prefer the D600 more. But lack of live histogram is a pain.

  • As I understand from discussion, dust is caused by some internal source.

  • Does anyone know if the HDMI out is the same like D800? clean 8bit 422. And there was a problem with changing aperture while shooting, I heard they are working on that. Ik hope so. I just ordered one

  • @conscius, the tests i've seen show that the D600 has clean HDMI like the D800 but is crippled with a 95% view which cause a black border to be around the entire image. Why Nikon did this is a mystery. It's an option on the D800 to show either 95% or 100% view, but on the D600 it's only 95%. I've heard rumor that they plan to fix this in a firmware update, but who knows for sure.

  • hey @Aria, thanks for the aswar. Yes i've also read about that. Some are calling it a bug. I hope it is a bug, so nikon will fix it. Thinking about buying a ninja 2 recorder for it (if nikon will fix it).

  • @conscius, the D600 thing isn't a bug IMO. They knew that this was the behavior of the camera before releasing it. Originally they never wanted the D600 to have the same capability as the D800 in terms of HDMI output. I don't know what made them change their minds and maybe they'll realize that it's stupid to not have it be at 100%.

    At the same time it's only 5% off and someone could just zoom in 105% in their NLE to fix the issue. It shouldn't hurt it that much IMO. It's not a perfect solution but plenty of people have done similar things when editing footage and i'm sure very few people even noticed that the scene was cropped.

    Just as a side note there are refurbished D800 for low prices not much more than a new D600 so there are options out there.

  • @Aria yes but I have ordered a D600 for 1650euro (2150 dollar). In the same store the D800 was 2300 euro (3000 dollar). probably there are places where you find the D800 for less, but I like the A600 more. I think it's better looking, it's better in high ISO and it's faster (A800 has to much MP) and of course the price. There are a few disadvantages to, but they don't really matter for me. And you are right 105% zoom, nobody will see that. But I'm very curious how the uncompressed 4:2:2 recording will look. If it's better than a hacked GH2, I will be very happy. Next year I have a few green key tasks, I can't do it with the GH2 because of the 4:2:0. 4:2:2 should be enough, so I hope I can do it with the D600

  • @conscius, I wonder if you've seen this video regarding the D800 and the Atomos Ninja 2:

    I think the D600 should give similar results.

  • @Aria, nice, thanks! I didn't see that one yet but I had seen the results:

    Very nice. I think I'm going to buy the ninja II.

  • Sir did you used nikon d600 for the video footage of "Chasing the Light"?

  • I have my D600 a few weeks now, very happy with it. Stills are amazing. I didn't shoot much video with it yet. But in april I'm gonne shoot a shortfilm with it. Very curious, I've shot my 3 last shortfilms with a hacked GH2. I was very happy with the GH2 images. So I hope the D600 will also satisfy me. Because I really liked my nokton lens on the GH2 (25mm f0,95), I bought one for my D600: 58mm f1.4. I like those lenses.

  • @conscius I sent back the d600 2 days after receiving it and exchanged for a 6d. have never been happier. the d600 is awful for video. it in NO way compares to the a gh2. EXTREMELY noisy focus, very bad blotching in low light, and not to mention the known "oil on the sensor" issues. I would return or dump it on ebay ASAP. not to mention ML is pretty much released for the 6d. so if you want a full frame that can relate to the gh2, 6D may be as close as it gets

  • Yeah, but I like the specs of the D600 more. (I aslo want it for stills) And I saw some good movies for D600:

    Now, If D600 disappoints me and if I would sell him, I probable buy a GH3

  • Two things:

    • In my experience so far, the D600 struggles especially with blockiness/banding in low light with orange tinted light sources (just test against street lights, which have the additinal yellow/tungsten tint, and then defocus, and see on monitor later).

    • One bug I really seem to struggle with: I film with 1080p25. In manual mode, it's easy to set the shutter (to 50 as I prefer). But when I need a "semi-auto" mode for more run and gun type, I put the camera in Shutter-program, so I can activate Auto-ISO (and using AutoExposure lock when needed). Problem is: When I enter either Aperture or Shutter program, the shutter speed is locked to 25, and not possible to change (talking ofcourse about when in movie-mode). If you change to 1080p30 or 720p50, the shutter is locked to 50. And 720p60 the shutter goes to 100. But I want and need 1080p25 with shutter 50, to keep the motionblur as I prefer. Must be a bug??

  • Nikon Gamma Controls v0.1 Beta Test:

    Check it out, this is the breakthrough that takes Nikon DSLR's where no GH2 has gone before!

  • Firmware update released


    • Support for the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR has been added.
    • Subject tracking performance in AF-C (continuous-servo autofocus) autofocus mode with framing using the viewfinder has been improved.
    • Frame output size has been changed from 95% to 100% when movie live view display is changed to "Information off" and an HDMI-compatible device is connected.
    • An issue that caused the right edges of images to be somewhat white when captured at an Image area setting of DX (24x16) 1.5x with Active D-Lighting set to Off has been resolved.
    • When the camera's shutter-release button was pressed repeatedly for uninterrupted shooting with the "Record to:" option in Camera Control Pro 2's Storage tab set to "PC+CARD", the camera would stop responding with displaying "Err" in its control panel. This issue has been resolved.
    • In some very rare cases, colors would change with shooting when white balance was set to a specific color temperature, as with Preset manual or Choose color temp. This issue has been resolved.
  • The HDMI fix is important, and I'm relieved that Nikon is fixing issues like this. The bad news is that this probably means we won't see a fix for aperture change while filming (?)

  • The bad news is that this probably means we won't see a fix for aperture change while filming

    I think it is not software thing.

  • With the HDMI output screen size now fixed, this is now a viable option for my work.

  • @Brian202020 do you think that the clean HDMI out will make that much of a difference? The reason I question this is because I also have the D600 and was thinking about buying the Ninja2, but I read several different articles that stated that there was not a substantial amount of difference in terms of quality this of course was with the D800. I performed several different tests specifically for video quality and grading with the GH2 and the D600. The D600 is ok but it is not as sharp and detailed as the GH2's with Driftwood patches and holds up a lot better when you push the grading.

    That being said if you do test out HDMI please share your thoughts on if you think it is worth it.

  • @Azo, in my experience there is a big difference between a D800 recorded internally and a D800 recorded externally. The biggest difference is with motion. I-Frame beats out over long GOP any day when it comes to motion. Also the noise on the external recording can be cleaned up quite a bit more than the internal recording due to the lack of compression artifacts. In my experience you can get 1/2 stop more latitude once the noise cleaned up with Neat Video. Also in my experience, you can push the externally recorded footage a bit farther in post if you need to.