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Powering GH3
  • Just made topic about batteries for GH3 and AC couplers.

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  • Chinese are making GH3 battery grips now. Cost is $64 and up.


  • Hi y'all - Starting to think about getting a GH3. I've been using a Jag Battery from Jag35. It's 12v. They made a step-down adapter for the GH2 but they don't currently have anything for the GH3.

    Wondering if anyone would know of a way to power the GH3 with this battery? My shoulder rig is counterbalanced so well now, I'd hate to start looking for new products if I don't have to.


  • Hi,

    I've been using them now for some time with no complaints whatsoever.

    With that said, The batteries that I purchased all of that time ago, may not be the same batteries they're selling now, so be aware of that.

    They do show the battery life and keep a great charge... at least the ones that I have.

    Hope this helps!

  • @questech Does the product in the link show battery life on the display?

  • Hi all:

    I'v ordered and have been using 2 additional Batteries and a Power coupler from a company in NJ called Best Bat.

    I own 2 GH3s and have had no issues at all to date. The Batteries were $21 each and I think the coupler was around $25.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    Did you receive the 3rd party battery for the GH3? If so, how did it work out?

    RE: Just ordered a second battery from for $59 including shipping. It is not an original Panasonic battery but the lady at MelloDigital claimed it has the chip and will show battery life on the display. She also claimed it was rated for a higher mAH.

    We shall see. It is supposed to be delivered in two weeks. I wonder if it will charge faster?

  • Thanks questech that's great.

  • I've just bought a GH3 which I will be using to film my children and cats. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy decent decoded third party batteries? I appreciate eBay will be the likely answer so was hoping someone had experience of a particular supplier they have had success with?

  • @questech , som step-up converters has no stable output voltage ... first needs to be checked as if step-up converter gets 7.2v and it outputs 8.4 it can be easy if you input 9v you will get 10.2 v out, so check this before you connect camera to such coupler with step up converter! Some of them work somehow as with percent (%).

  • It looks like if you're using a 9VDC with a coupler, you should be just fine.

  • @feha, thanks for the advice. Now I see how I could power the GH2 from the 7.2V output of the plate: I'm not using the original DC coupler but this one:

    And it has step-up converter inside :)

    Dumb dumb dumb but at least in the end I learned something new

  • Thank you for the advice!

    I wouldn't consider the battery excactly cheap, even from china it was about $42 American... but I hear you.

    I am wondering if the GH2 and GH3 live by the same spec... i.e. if one battery system works safely with the GH2, will it do so with the GH3.

  • @questech , i don't think is much difference ... but i would not risk using cheap batteries without any stabilizer between in order to protect Gh2,GH3 ... Using cheap 9v batteries it does not mean you can use safely 9v, as cheap batteries may drop voltage to under 8.5 when you connect them ... I would take safe route, experimenting with GH3 is not cheap ...

  • What about the 9V feed from the 12V-9V-5V batteries on ebay? I have one and powered up a friends GH2 with it. It worked fine as long as I ran it (about 20 minutes) with no apearent ill effects.

    a) What about extended use? b) Is the GH3 that much different than the GH2 that it could be damaged by that 9V input?

    Thanks for your opinion!


  • @flablo , you need 8.4 - 8.8 v for stable work either GH2 or GH3, Do not even try 12v it Will brun your camera ...

  • Ok, if anyone's interested, I found the (not cheap) solution:

    And this topic about GH2 and batteries which has some veeery interesting content

  • @VK I see. So I guess the chip you mention is different on the GH3 and GH2, because the GH2 actually works when I connect it to the 7.2V out of the plate. Question is: HOW MUCH higher voltage can the GH3 take? Can it be used at 12V input? I guess no one is going to take the risk and try, right?

    EDIT: I'm examining various V-mount plates and it looks like they all have 5V, 7.2V, 12V output standards (except a new Tilta which has 8V instead of 7.2V). And DC-DC tension converters (step up or down) for this use don't seem to be very common, nor compact or handy.

    Looks like the 8.4V requirement of the GH3 is gonna be a problem. Maybe a post for the "GH3 issues" topic?

  • @flablo

    It is all simple, if voltage is below certain level, body expect that it is battery and check special chip DC, and turn all off if it don't find it. DC input is always above battery voltage.

  • mmmm, maybe I'm just utterly dumb, and "Frequency divider" means that the cable is just a normal cable meant to power an external Fequency divider device (which I don't know what is)?

    EDIT: yes I AM dumb. Anyway, I used the cable and the GH3 DOESN'T power up using the 7.2V output of the plate. What I don't get is why 8.4V are required when the battery outputs 7.2V.

    I guess there is a range of voltages the GH3 can use, but I don't know it. Otherwise I could try the 12V out of the plate but I'm afraid that would be too risky without knowing the exact GH3 input specs.

    Any clue?

  • So I just received the GENUINE Panasonic DMW-DCC12 DC Coupler for GH3. I have a Tilta VMount plate which I use to power the GH2 (with dummy battery adapter) by connecting it to the 7.2V output plug of the plate. Options for output on the Tiltaplate are 14.8V, 7.2V, 5V, 12V. I think I'll go for the 7.2V for the GH3 since on both GH2 and GH3 batteries I read "7.2V" (although on the GH3 dummy battery I read "8.4V"...).

    Unfortunately the only cable available right now with the matching plug for the GH3 dummy battery to the 7.2V port of the plate is the so-called "Frequency Divider connection cable" which came with the plate and btw is meant to be used (in reversed connection) on the 5V port and NOT on the 7.2V (of the plate).

    Do you people think this is good idea? I dont' really know how the "frequency divider" characteristic of the cable would affect the connection. I would only use it because the sizes of the plugs matching GH3<-->7.2V. Should I instead make me a simple custom cable with those plug and don't risk the frequency-divider thing?

    Thanks to anyone who will enlighten me!

  • I'm curious if the cinemax kit I bought with Sony batteries to power the GH2 will work with the GH3 if I get a different plug to go into the camera and hook it into the same system? Is anyone thinking along the same lines?

  • I'm gonna receive the GH3 DC coupler and 2 compatible Bluemax batteries (each one costs half than the original battery) in a couple of days. Bluemax performance was great on my Canon 550D, on par with the original battery. I'll post my feedback here as soon as possible.