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Paperwoman, Short Shot on GH2
  • Paperwoman, I short I have codirected and shot on GH2 (Driftwood Hack) Lenses : Nokton Voigtländer 25 mm F 0.95, SLR Magic Hyperprime Cine 12 mm F1.6, Canon FD 50 mm F1.4

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  • Looks great!

  • Looks really nice, and a fun narrative, thanks for sharing :)

  • @ghostlayer Pretty cool stuff. Very original idea. Kinda like when we were kids and made up what kind of superhero we'd be...except you came up with an idea way more original than me and my friends ever did! Looks perfect, but one small suggestion would be to see if you can clean up the banding appearing at 2:42 as the guy is walking out the door. Other than that, pretty much pitch perfect visually and for story. Oh yeah, the special effects of the paper flowing through air...done perfectly.

  • @matt_gh2 You're right that shot is pretty dirty ! (extreme high ISO + Vimeo compression) This short had a long and painful production... many edits, soundtrack was changed after months of work so I really want to move on now :) Thanks for watching.

  • This is great!!

  • That's some really nice stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for watching !

  • Great job and a very creative idea!

  • I love it lots and lots. To add a third set of 'lots' to my like of this -- I'd lose some of the jump cuts. Not the big ones - they add to it. Its the smaller ones that jar (0:14) and especially (2.56), the little jolt to the mobile phone pickup.

    It could be as simple as me not being upto speed with current style but to me this is some of the top work showcased on PV

  • awesome , a little too flat maybe you need to add a little more contrast in the blacks imho , but cheers!!

  • What an excellent idea! Superb SFX!

    I also feel that blacks could be a tad blacker. (I assume the washed-out look was intentional, i.e. “paper.”)

    P.S. PaperGirl would probably have been a catchier title.

  • I'm blown away; pun intended. Really imaginative and very well executed. I, personally, would be very proud if I had made it. Nice to see a narrative piece done well, rather the camera tests and documentary type stuff with which we are inundated.

    I almost feel bad agreeing that the blacks could be darker, but that can be easily fixed. Titles are subjective, but I, too,lean more towards PaperGirl.

  • Looked amazing. Loved the effects! I'd love to hear more on how they were shot and planned for.

  • Agreed that this looks amazing. None of what was mentioned above bothered me and I was more captivated with what was presented infront of me. Well done sir!

  • Yep, agreed. Non of that bothered my as I knew it was a artistic choice and thought it looked just fine.

  • What a surprise. Congrats on a fantastic and creative short!

  • Very nice. Behind the scenes/Making of, please?

  • Hi Thanks everyone for your feedbacks ! (did not get notifications of comments...) I have to confess that I DO like flat look when it comes to color grading, in the years 2000, I was obsessed with crushing the blacks but today I might tend to go in the opposite direction. I also consider that most viewers have very vivid contrasty displays so I try to find the right balance (wich is hard...)

    As concerns the last VFX shot : Life-sized creased prints of the comedian were shot "live" as if the Xerox was actually jammed. Then I did some compositing and tracking to add a previously shot live footage (blinking eyes) onto the crumpled paper plate. All was done in After Effects. The others VFX shots are CG paper sheets particles (3ds Max), composited on the shot (clean plate matte were done to allow PaperWoman to vanish)

  • @ghostlayer I agree with the flatter looking stuff. I'm trying to learn to grade that way and not milk it out too much. I say well over 50% of commercials here are like that as well. Kind of like flat Alexa footage and it just feels better to me.

  • Looks great! I never have the attention span to watch people's shorts on vimeo, but this kept my attention the whole time. Superb!

  • @vicharris There's a great compositing trick to get a flatter look on GH2 : duplicate the original footage, invert the colors of the duplicate (negative/or invert) and set it to to "soft light" compositing mode. (Duplicate is to be composited on top of the original) then adjust the opacity of the duplicate (50% should be a good start) It's amazing the shadows recovery that it provides. I didn't used it so far but I'll be using on my forthcoming GH3 video... Alexa and RED both have flat color modes, it was created to mimic true Stock Film "LOG" footage, A few years ago it became kind of a trend to keep it almost flat or lightly graded. @Matt Thanks :)