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  • We have been uploading to YouTube for a number of years now and although I am reasonably pleased with the final look there is one thing that I can't seem to get right. Motion seems to be jumpy and certainly shots with a lot of movement come out quite poor. Here is my workflow:

    1080/50 p footage edited

    Output to 1080/25p Mp4 h264 codec 10000 mbps

    Upload to YouTube

    I have read on the YouTube site that you should keep your footage frame rate and your output the same but I thought that conflicted with other information I read that said you should output to Mp4 for best results ( cant have 50p with Mp4)

    I thought I would ask here if there was anyone with similar experience here and any helpful tips. I did look at other topics but this question was not specifically addressed.

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  • For youtube you need 30p or 60p source, preferably :-)

    We had some topics about it here. You cn just use frame interpolation available in your NLE to export in 30p.

  • I will run some tests on movement shots and upload at both 30p and 50p and see what difference it makes.

    Main reason I don't want to upload at 50p is that I can achieve a much smaller file size with Mp4 and therefore fast upload times

  • Again, 50p is also not good.

    You need 30p. And need to use proper frame interpolation to make such video before sending it to youtube.