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Computer monitor not detected after using HD SDI adapater
  • Hey guys!

    I just shot on the Red One Mx, and since it had a broken HDMI-out port, I hooked up a director's monitor by using a cheap HD-SDI to HDMI adapter to my 23 inch Samsung computer monitor. Worked great.

    But now my computers doesn't recognise my monitor at all (they all did before). But it still works fine when I connect it to the Red and the adapter.

    Can someone PLEASE help?


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  • Did you try messing with your monitors source or input settings when you hook it up to pc?

  • Thanks for the reply! I can't get anything up on the monitor to mess around with, unfortunately. Any suggestions?

  • But now my computers doesn't recognise my monitor at all

    Do you see anything on screen, like 'check signal cable' ? Do you use DVI cable from computer to monitor?

  • Yeah I see "check signal cable" and the monitor works when I hook it up to the Red via the SDI converter, it's got me stumped...

  • I'm using HDMI cable...

  • On the bottom of "Check signal cable" rectangle, does it say Analog or Digital?

  • If it says analog, try just pushing enter button on the monitor, third from the right. It will take few seconds and switch to digital, and the image from your computer will appear. If it is already on digital input, which is more likely since it works when red is hooked up, try to connect your computer via standard dvi cable, if that's possible, at least to check out if everything is working.

  • Many thanks for the replies; it says analog, but pushing enter makes no difference :(

  • Can you have another monitor hooked up to the computer via same cable, and same output on the graphics card? Just to rule out computer and cable. It is not HDMI input since the same one works with your camera. Since "Check signal cable" window says analog, it is trying to connect thru VGA analog input. Normally enter button should cycle between input sources and switch to input that you have connected your computer to. Maybe you should check your specific monitor's manual and see if that button does switch sources. Usually on Samsung PC monitiors it is like that, that dual function enter/source button is third from the right, and has little icon with like rounded rectangle/enter sign. Also, does your monitor have DVI input?

  • hi, yes another monitor works fine with the cable, my monitor only has HDMI, not DVI