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Trailer of a "Movie-Play" - Update
  • The shooting is over, so I made somekind of a trailer for the play

    edit : Prequel

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  • Interesting project @astraban

    Depends on how far you want to push it, however, it seems like a "naturalistic" scene by itself. IMO you could achieve good results by carefully pushing towards blue / violet / magenta in shadows and slightly towards cyan/blue/magenta in the highs but be careful to retain a tad of warmth as if the light is golden / light orange.. And then I´m talking about this particular shot only; let me explain my thinking:

    In my experience golden/orange with complimentary colors (towards violet/magenta in the shadows) and an overall tendency towards blue is as cold as it gets in winter / late autum (w/o snow).. with a certain crispness and clarity you never see in warm seasons.

    I did a quick CC in PS, curves and color balance, you could easily achieve something similar with curves and 3-way CC. If it needs to be "more dreamy" I´d try out selective (unrealistic) out of focus areas.. I pushed it as FAR towards coldness as I could on a crappy monitor without loosing realism in the color scheme. Less could be more (a bit more orange) but a washed out look (like your grade above) might give more of a sensation of past. So that could be a good or bad decision depending on the context.

    Other might have different experiences of light in the kind of circumstances you want to evoke, so this is just my pennies worth.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Thank you very much to both of you. Quite differente approach but more close to what I want than my lonely test : very cold feel, yet colorful and vivd!

    @RRRR The story is meant to be between XIX/XX century, w/ mix of happy/sad/strange memories of the main character during her whole life. I'll have to add some subtle washed out look here and then, but like you said it's better to keep that trick for the past/sad sensation than the coldness. I'll play w/ the 3-way CC toward your advices guys. Thanks again.

    PS : watching over your take RRRR it seems that it's almost doable to do a "nuit américaine" (not sure of the english term : day for night?) w/GH2 footy. She asked me for that for some other sequence (without sun in the frame! :-) ) and I was afraid to push the grading that far... maybe it deserve a try! Thanks again!

  • @astraban, don´t be afraid to push it, just keep an eye out for trouble! :) and Color in 32 bit when you have cs6! Footage will hold up better. With that said, I haven´t used cs6 myself so hopefully it won´t introduce any reliability issues! (I´m sure you can do a bit of research on that beforehand!)

    Obviously there can be some trouble with noise if most of the shot is from the lower end (and pushed hard) but I´ve found that it´s possible to work around that by de-noising and re-applying noise / texture afterwards. I usually do it in AE though (de-noise with neat video), so not sure how it will work in Premiere.

    P.s. for pushing really heavily towards blue it might be a good idea to make a duplicate layer, monochrome blue for blending.

    @subco nice blur there I think.

  • some quick tests with magic bullet colorista and after effects. Cinematic and vibrant :-) How it looks on your video:

    1920 x 1080 - 804K
    1920 x 1080 - 895K
  • Thanks for the try @jozik! I prefer the more subtle touch of the first picture. I'm actually grading another sequence using precious @subco photoshop tuning. More difficult to adapat to each shot than my old 2 minute grading routine, but very pleasing. Thanks again.

  • It was a nightmare to shoot it, but it's finally over (now the editor/sound mixer nightmare begin!). I've made a small "trailer" in first post.

  • @astraban Trailer looks great. Is this a full length feature film/play? Good choice on music and editing great. Very nice shot compositions. Would you mind sharing what lenses and settings you were using? Great stuff here.

  • Thanks @matt_gh2 the length of the play is ~70min. Half of it is video. Lenses used is mainly voigtlander 25mm + oly 12mm (none in the trailer) and some shots with elicar 90mm f/2.5 macro 1:1 (great old gem). I mainly used sanity V5 patch (to much rush for driftwood patches)

  • This footage is wonderful, @astraban-


  • Thanks @RBD, glad you liked it.

  • update : the play has been bought in several theater for the wole year now and the script is sold for an english version. I don't know when or where but they may need an english video crew for the shoot one day. I'll try to pass the word here if I ear something about it. ;-)

  • @astraban congrats, nice trailer. I have a little company in London if comes here, we started off doing trailers (EPK's) and TV spots for a few West End shows, still do them from time to time.

  • Same market here (Paris) for me @belfryman. I'll make sure to post something (company name, place, etc.) on the british version project ASAP. Thanks @matt_gh2 !

  • After the small success of the play we're shooting a prequel of it. I edited the first post to show my first attempt of editing one of the new sequences. I'm just in charge of shooting the video sequences - someone better than me will do the final edit/grading/mixing. Enjoy, I hope.