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Abandoned places
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  • Interesting places! I've recently shot in one of thoses : the abandonned railroad all around Paris (photo #31) called "La petite ceinture".

    Alt text

    Strange feeling to be completly alone just next to the city rush.

  • @astraban Where exactly is the location of this railroad in Paris? I'll be there in June, and wish to make some photos there.

  • The name of the place is "the little belt" for a good reason : it's a line that go all around Paris (the red line show what it remain from the old railway)

    Alt text

    You can make almost the entire tour if you start in the morning (many nice thing to see : old station, etc. besides lot of shitty graffiti) but if you want to go to the specific place shown in the picture under the Montsouris Park (one of the best part of the railroad), you have to find a secret entrance located here :

    16 Rue Auguste Cain 75014 Paris

    Here is the GPS number (to see the place in Google street view) Latitude : 48.826146 Longitude : 2.319636

    Just below the big ad ("Le défi de Cesar") you can open the fence (remember to close it behind you) and go down to the railway. Once on the rail, you have to go to the left. There is a gigantic iron door 50m away that you can open (close the door behind you) and ~20 minutes later here you are.

    Caution :

    • Officially, it's forbidden to go there, so don't open the fence if you see some cops in the area.

    • To go where the pic is taken you have to walk through a tunnel where you can't see anything beside the daylight at the end. It takes 20 minutes and you can't see your shoes! So bring a light, and some good shoes.

    • Last, I think the walk will be better with someone else... I was alone the first time, without any light : creepy! :-)

  • @astraban Thanks a lot - best info possible. :)

  • Danish television is currently running a series of 5 programs about abandoned places in Denmark. Danish is properly hard to understand for most of you guys, but the pictures are amazing!!/

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Great link, thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • I've always loved urban exploration. I love it more than going to the forests or beaches. It's always exciting to be somewhere that you aren't supposed to go.

  • Gotta love me some UrbEx :) Been to some beautiful places myself and even did some filming. Some Explorers based in Germany around here? :)

  • @svart And the insides of buildings - always interesting to explore the intestines of concert halls or the hidden bits of cathedrals

    @Hopcreek Superb to see that. We used to use a nuclear bunker occasionally when our studios were busy. Everything about those places - the huge doors and echoey rooms, together with the "new carpet" smell of the filtered air, plus the very fact that they're there at all - is deeply unsettling.

  • @Mark_the_Harp Can imagine the feeling. In the first episode they enter - wearing gas masks - an old fortress just outside Copenhagen what has been covered with soil for for 40 years

  • a nice ski video in an abandoned building :

  • Worked on the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the sound was haunting from Chernobby

  • I did a stop motion exploration of an abandoned building a couple of years ago which you might enjoy... anyone care to guess which country? ;-)

  • This is an interesting one: an old concert hall beneath a piano shop in Boston, USA.

    And read more about the hall here: