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Best HD settings for Vimeo
  • hi, I try in vain settings recommended by Vimeo in HD, and yet I can't get a nice picture like everyone else ! How do you guys? Advices for mpegstreamclip please...

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  • @gabilourson This video talks about export settings for Vimeo and YouTube for people using Premiere Pro. It's what I use now for Vimeo, and has been pretty good for me re:image quality. I haven't tested these for YouTube but would expect it to be good here too. Hope this is helpful.

  • Go here:

    Look for your software on the right, and play the vid.


  • @matt_gh2 thanks @RBD, this exactly what I done, but result is file playing everywere but with poor image quality ! What I would to learn it's professional-pro-settings ! Like in last gopro movie for example : great image, no saccades, etc...

  • Did you get a chance to watch the video I posted? I believe those settings are different than the ones Vimeo recommends. If you're using a GH2, you should be able to get nice looking footage to Vimeo.

  • I knew that something was weird !

    "There’s no doubt that things can get a bit confusing regarding non-integer frame rates — a decimal-specific frames-per-second count isn’t exactly an intuitive aspect of video. Of course, beginners can’t learn such distinctions if they’re going unspecified — a fact Vimeo has recently (and finally) addressed in updating their compression guidelines. Even more importantly, Vimeo is slowly but surely raising the quality ceiling in its encoding of your media — albeit in audio-only, in this case."

    here is link with better explanation about Vimeo settings :

  • I save out to ProRes and use MPEG Streamclip and the x264 codec which produces very nice streams, based on suggested settings at the above link Vimeo provides to help people.

  • @gabilourson Thanks for that!!! I've been trying for ages to figure out why my 1080p stuff looked so terrible. It is because I've been following their old 5000kbps HD guidelines. Ugh, time to re-encode everything and re-upload. Good thing I keep ProRes copies of everything, eh?

  • I think I remember some guys saying that they encode at 13, 000 and others say 17, 000. I've had decent results at 5, 000 but i'll be testing at 10-20 to see if there are noticeable differences. Will post my results once I do.

  • I export my video as Quicktime Animation so no compression then use HandBrake using x264 with RF:18 and following advanced settings. Great quality and it retains my added grain! :)


  • Anyone notice problems with Vimeo again? Losing sync and not jumping to correct spots in timeline when selected? I'm having terrible times right now getting rough cuts to clients and it not looking like shit. I'm going by all the normal guidelines and it's still hanging up too. Looks like it's skipping frames. FCP6 to ProRes to MPStreamClip to h.264

  • @vicharris Yeah, I'm also having audio sync problems with Vimeo (prem pro to H.264). After googling, saw a lot of people with same problem over last few years. I just retested YouTube and I'm getting great results with image quality, so probably will go YouTube now. Audio sync is spot on as well.

  • Anyone have any advice for using x264? I need to know what file to export from my editor (Prem. Pro on Windows) to use in a program like Handbrake. Anyone know the best file to export, and are there preferences for which program to use to create the x264? (any favorite settings in that program as well). My goal here is best quality for YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks

  • @matt_gh2 Thanks, I'll try youtube. This problem is just unacceptable when you're trying to show clients rough cuts from 3,000 miles away. And I pay for the premium version.

  • @matt_gh2 Try what I have suggested, you won't regret it. Exporting to Quicktime Animation would most likely render your footage with a gigantic file size at first but it's uncompressed. My 6 minute footage ended up being around 90 GB then I used Handbrake with the settings I mentioned from my previous post using the X264 codec which ended up around 1.2 GB.

  • @retrospective Ok, will try. 2 questions. I'm using Premiere Pro(windows), so instead of Quicktime Animation can I use Quicktime Uncompressed with same result...or do I need to transfer to After Effects and do QuickTime Animation?

    Also, I'm shooting with the Apocalyspe Now Boom settings which are all intra, so do I need to adjust any of the handbrake settings you listed above (I see you have bframes=16 and intra=6...and didn't know if that was related to using an intra setting like Boom)?

    Thanks a ton! I'm really trying to nail down workflow for max quality when going to YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Some of y'all seem to like cumbersome solutions to easy problems.

    5DtoRGB or clipwrap to transcode MTS to something the editors don't screw up. Save final edit to the same high quality 422 (at least) codec. Drop this into MPEGStreamclip. Use the compression settings provided by VIMEO with x264 (they even have a simplified little how-to video for the broad strokes). Profit.

  • Yes, that's what I do and I'm still having problems. Vimeo just seems flaky, user to user.

  • @matt_gh2 Ok sure use Quicktime Uncompressed when you export it using Premiere Pro. No need to do anything else besides opening it in Handbrake with the settings I mentioned above.

    The settings above are taken from the Handbrake forums for converting Blu-ray/DVD rips with modifications of my own which I found to work well with preserving grain I have applied and an obvious bias for quality over size.

    Download the original MP4 of

    and you will see it retains the artificial grain like the uncompressed version.

    Anyways let me know how it works for you.

  • @retrospective Cool video. Thanks for the help with Handbrake. Will be trying this and a few other techniques for exporting this weekend - will report back. I watched the compressed Vimeo version and was still able to see the grain you worked to preserve. Thanks

  • hey guys opened, not rivaling eh?!!!, a more specific thread: Handbrake presets and other x264 settings

    thank you