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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @peternap

    When I was in high school, my class took a trip to DC and Williamsburg. I put my head in the same block the little girl is in. Memories!

  • @Ralph_B

    New Music Video I shot,directed,edited using GH2 and Sanity 5 hack *Some profanity with song topic, but other wise safe for viewing.

    Up beat style with a lot of fast cuts. You can see in some of the early scenes with them in the bedroom I had some bad macro blocking and smearing in the shadows, other than that I loved the quality of the video.

    Even if users do not like the Audio or style of editing I encourage to view with an Eye of what was done artistically.

    Thanks for viewing.

  • @FilmingArt

    She's beautiful. Good fun.

  • @Ralph_B

    I am looking into ETC mode because I like how it extends the range of my lens (for now a stock Panasonic 14-42 power zoom). I know that 30P is a no go for Sanity and spanning, but with 24P, how does ETC and Sanity work in comparison to the normal sensor downsampling?

  • @Moviemaker

    First, Sanity does indeed span at 30P (or HBR). The trick is you have to use a third party manual lens. It won't span if you use a lens with electrical contacts. Next, Sanity works superbly in ETC in all shooting modes: 24P, 720 50/60P, 1080 50/60i, and HBR. However, spanning is not guaranteed in ETC. Hope that helps.

  • @Moviemaker

    One other thing - I've had good success getting Sanity 5 to span in ETC when using 24L. I'm not sure it's 100% reliable, but it's pretty good.

  • @Ralph_B I've read that ETC increases noise at higher ISOs. What is your experience with that? Also, is there any way to get a full frame motion picture image using the entire sensor?

  • Yes, ETC gets quite noisy at high ISO's, but Sanity handles it fine. I advise not to use the in-camera noise reduction - it just smears the noise around. The real solution is to use Neat video in post. It works miracles.

    Not sure what you're asking in the second question.

  • An important update for Sanity 5 is in the works. It's currently undergoing spanning tests. Stay tuned.

  • @FilmingArt

    Very sharp and colorful images. Great production value. Just wondering about your workflow. Did you transcode the footage using a codec like Prores or you edited natively? Color grading tool? What lenses did you use?


  • Hey Ralph_B I am 99.9% sure I shot this with Sanity. It was shot using the Nokton 17.5mm. Granted it's a great lens, but I am very pleased with Sanity, and looking forward to what you have coming. I really love Driftwoods settings, but buying a new 2TB HD every few months is not really in my current budget. Please enjoy, and thanks for your great work!


    I have been shooting exclusively with Sanity 5 for eight months and never had a single problem with it - until last week. Here's a frame grab. Yikes, what a mess!


    Over the months, a couple of people reported problems similar to this. At the time, I assumed it was card related. It is not. And to these people, I apologize. But until last week, I had no way to reproduce the problem myself. Although this image breakup is rare, it obviously can happen.

    SANITY 5.1 fixes this and prevents it from occuring. I strongly recommend SANITY 5 users install the update.

    SANITY 5.1 works reliably in all shooting modes - 24H, 24L, FSH, FH, SH, H, HBR, ETC in all modes, and all variable frame rates.

    I did extensive spanning tests of SANITY 5.1 and it's the same as SANITY 5 with one addition - ETC spans when shooting in 24L mode. Here are the patch notes for spanning:

    Spanning works in 24L, FH, SH & H modes. When spanning, do not go above ISO 5000. Spanning works with ETC in 24L mode. Do not go above ISO 3200. Spanning does not work with ETC in any other mode. Spanning works in HBR mode with third party manual lenses. Do not go above ISO 3200. Spanning does not work reliably in HBR mode when using lenses with electrical contacts.

    Enjoy, and good shooting!


    Whata mess.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 419K
  • @mee

    I enjoyed your video.

    I see you have the Nokton 17.5mm f0.95. This is a lens I'm very much interested in, but I'm concerned about reports I've seen about curvature of field. Supposedly when the lens is focused at infinity, it's unable keep the center and edges in focus at the same time. Could you possibly check that out? Thanks.

  • After shooting more with Sanity 5.1, I'm pleased to say there is also a slight increase in image quality. Fine detail is as good as it gets. And noise in the picture is rendered exceptionally clean.

  • @Ralph_B I also read this, and was aware of it as I took some stills and videos of the sunset and city scape, I haven't looked at them much yet, but I will soon. Though I really need to get out a pen and paper next time and right down Fstops while I do it. Glad you enjoyed the video.

  • @Ralph_B What PTool can we use, VK's last one is fine? Thanks

  • @Giovassi

    I used 3.64d, but the current version should work. Somebody corrrect me if I'm wrong.

  • Thanks Ralph. I've always wondered what's the relation between the Ptool and all these different settings, I mean if VK's improvement affects also yours and others works. I can't wait to try 5.1. I have used Sanity 5.0 for 6 months, usually for 1 & half hour interviews, never failed and I'm very happy with the quality of the pictures. Thanks for your work, very appreciated

  • @mee I always enjoy your video's mee and they keep getting better!

  • @Ralph_B I've never had that breakup problem but thanks for addressing it. I'll load up in a little.

  • @peternap

    Yes, I never had it too, until last week. The point is it can strike without warning, and you don't know it's happened until you playback the footage. There's no indication anything's wrong while you're shooting.

  • Ralph, can you throw some light on what caused it?

  • @Rambo Could be Frame Limits. I also suspect that the problem may also be in wrong shutter increments or a change of shutter during record. If you check streamparser or elecard, if odd B frame pairs are high sized and the even B frames are low this demonstrates a skew problem in shutter speed on the charts. I always recommend you stay in the correct shutter increments according to the fps record mode - like 25p (50 ss/100ss etc) and 30p (30, 60ss etc ) else you will see offset in bitrate employed in motion prediction on one side of the B frames. This doesnt happen in 3 GOP and Intra. This shouldn't really happen but its inherrent in Long GOP.

    @Ralph_B Why not adjust your 50/60fps FB2's Frame buffer sizes, 50fps is normally higher than 60fps.