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Powering GH3
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  • Is there any way to make the remaining minutes of battery life appear on screen like with the camcorders?

  • Ok that is good news

    I have purchased a lithium ion battery of eBay in 2012 with a 12v in/out ,9v out ,and 5v out ,can I use this safely with the panasonic dc coupler DMW DCC12-DC on my gh3 camera

    This battery pack was shown with video for powering the gh2

  • The DMW-DCC12 coupler is the official "battery part" of the AC/DC power combo for the GH3: You still need the DMW-AC8 part (same as GH2) and they work fine together for unlimited power to the GH3

  • I assume the firmware or what govern,s the camera wouldn't allow full control over camera settings

    ,I had to keep putting the panasonic battery back in to change or alter my settings .

    I would like to know if panasonic are making a coupler for the gh3 and what battery input would be useable ,so I don't destroy my gh3 .

    I used the panasonic dmw - dcc8 dc coupler on my gh2 but sold this with the camera so I now have a li ion battery pack but no coupler ?

  • What do you mean ",i used one on my gh2 but lost some control over the camera"?

    And why do you think that was?


  • ok any one know if panasonic are making a dedicated coupler for the gh3 ,i used one on my gh2 but lost some control over the camera,would like to know if we will see one in the future for gh3

  • Does anyone have the coupler AC battery? I ordered mine but on backorder, just wanted to know if they adapter tip is the same as GH2 version. Thanks

  • I got coupon code ITST99KFX from to take the price down from 79.99 to 55$ with free shipping

  • @Jwalker It looks really similar, but that pentax battery is missing one of the four contacts in the panasonic battery.

  • Is this the same battery? Looks identical.

    Specification: Replacement battery part number : D-Li90 DLi90 D-LI90 D-L190 Compatible with the following models: Pentax K7 K-7 Voltage: 7.2V Capacity 1860 mAh Chemistry: Li-ion Fully chargeable

  • I purchased an extra battery and have been testing it.

    I shot some video and have been playing the video back, and it is still running after 6.5 hours!

    That's WAY better than my GH2!

    After this quits, I'm going to test the battery that came with the camera... hope it's just as good.

    Might not have the need for my coupler?

  • @questech

    This topic is not about GH2, so use proper topic for this part.

  • Me Again :-)

    I have another question about batteries for my GH3.

    I purchased one of the batteries that has 12V, USB, and 9V ports off of eBay. The video in the listing showed the battery powering a zoom and a GH2 using the coupler. I didn't consider the difference between the voltage of the 9V external battery and the stock internal battery (something like 7.4 volts DC or so), and it seemed to work just fine.

    So here's my multi-part question.

    • I purchased a coupler for my GH3, can I use that external 9V battery to power it?
    • Would that 9V external battery damage my GH3 over time because of the voltage difference?

    Thanks in advance guys!!


  • Happy New Year Everyone!

    I ordered a battery from Video Direct Electronics. The ratings aren't great, but if you read them you could draw the conclusion that the buyers weren't always being reasonable. I have purchased from them in the past and have only had good experiences... so go figure??

    I forgot about the chips in the GH2, but I hope this battery will work in my new GH3 and report the battery level.

    What do you think about that?


  • I would be very surprised if a suitable internal 3rd party battery ever materializes. None ever did for the GH2 although many were advertised as such.

  • mh mellodigital called that they are backordered... I never understand why stores dont update their shop. Anyone knows a shop that has them in stock?

  • @vaitor

    Just notice that most probably you'll need to lie a little, as USPS rised the ban in batteries shipping, but as I understand, not entirely.

  • thanks for the advise vitaly... just ordered. I dont see any DC couplers out yet, has panasonic announced an official one? For long shoots I always used my Tekkeon Battery with the coupler, would be great to use that for the Gh3 aswell since it stays on 7.2V

  • Lithium ion batteries are not charged at a constant current. The current drops off as the battery nears the target voltage (around 4.2 V per cell). So it can take quite a long time to get the last 3-5% of the charging done, whereas the first 85% can go pretty quickly.

  • @vaitor

    Yes, constantly :-) They are very good.

  • have you used them before? any good?

  • @vaitor

    Intermediary guys, like shipito always exist for such cases :-)

  • so annoying that only ships to the US, are there similar batteries sold that ship international?

  • My Battery was 3 days earlier than my GH3 here. The Battery should haf a lifetime of 4 hours (GH2: 2.5 Hours). Charging Time was 3 hours on the first Charging-Time. They was a little bit charged, it showed 1/3, on the second Battery 2/3. It tooks for each more than 1 hour to empty it. And the red blinking warning comes 15 minutes before the Battery is finished (GH2 about 5 Minutes, sometimes 2 minutes). I have now a Paper, on which i write each and every Charging of the batteries.