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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 3
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  • @driftwood You've set a new standard in camera reviews! Good stuff! I'm sold.

  • @driftwood What a wonderful and creative way to review a camera. Great. Huge. Amazing. congratulations to you and all the team.

  • @driftwood Great film. Just one question regarding your comment on this being ungraded. To me, it looks as you used a SCN mode to shoot this. Is that correct? I'm confused as you are saying this is ungraded. I'm asking this because I assume you would shoot as flat as possible when saying that you plan to grade this later (natural -5, -5, 0, -5). Did you shoot two different versions with the camera?

  • All Natural, though some of the scenes were left brightness/contrast treated for the Vimeo trial run as measuring for the final edit appearing this week.

  • @Kob The mechanical shutter is for still pictures only. What's new is a silent electronic shutter for still images also. This will a diffrerent picture quality and you can not use the flash etc. Still I found the electronic shutter to be a nice feature for time lapses i.e. to avoid excessive wear on the mechanical shutter.

    I have beefed up my time lapse done with the GH3 (done using the electronic shutter function):

  • Vitally, I'm probably running ahead because most of us have only had our new GH3's for less than a week but are there any plans to start a hack yet, and what initial goals are being thrown around?

    If I may, I would suggest adding NTSC/PAL switching and high ISO for video (at present mine seems limited to 6400 for video but 25600 for stills)

    Add Intra to 50/60P in MOV wrapping as well.

    There still seems to be a gamma shift after pushing record in some modes.

    Pre production firmware v0:5 DID have NTSC/PAL switching so obviously it's there to activate.

    Question, will a hack get a proper start once Panasonic release an initial firmware upgrade?

    Please keep up your mighty good work, I will contribute happily again.

  • driftwood, great film, thank you! very creative!

    (for non english speakers some phrases could be not easy to understand when characters speak) A new standard for a camera review! GH3 does have a different look, just a little, from random clips I see here and on vimeo, imho. Less filmic? possibly, but what is "filmic"? hard to distinguish.. Less sharp? it seems so! Footage looks like Olympus E5 (reason, same sensor?) Keeping my GH2 for now, for sure, with 17,5 and 25mm 0.95 no need to shoot at high ISO, I's say higher than 800, which makes is still nearly perfect machine. Buying GH3? possibly, but not excited as couple months ago.

  • @driftwood

    What was the actual setting on the GH3 for your latest video/ short film? Thanks

  • @kicap @olegkalyan Natural setting. Lenses outside daylight 12-35mm X Lens, Internal Boss shots mainly Canon FD 55mm f1.2, OM Zuiko 50mm f2 macro. Tony night shots: Voight 25mm.

  • @EspenB Thanks for the explanation.

  • @Jspatz Did you record some footage straight to an Atomos Ninja? If so, how is the quality compared to stock? I am quite curious...

  • The Ninja was very slightly different but not better. I just sold it as it is not needed on the GH3 and I get less detail on the D800e with no discernible improvement in my ability to key.

  • @driftwood Did you modify any of the default natural settings?

  • @Jspatz thanks for the info.

  • Does anyone know if the battery grip comes with a battery or is it another purchase? I've had trouble finding clarification online.

  • Some experimentation with the numeric zoom X2 mode in the GH3:

  • @RatLabProductions Battery grip has no extra battery with it. You'll have to buy extras separately.

  • I have to say I was reluctant to buy this cam because of the moiree, but after seeing the test at Provideocoalition, I was quite amazed to see that the stair stepping is better on the GH3. Personally, I find the stair stepping to be more annoying than the moiree, although either can ruin a shot. The silent shutter is a huge plus, in fact, I would buy the cam just for the silent shutter feature if I can use it reliably for stills. So I guess I will join the upgrade avalanche barring a January surprise from Canon.

  • The silent electronic shutter is my favourite feature on the GH3, it's great for timelapse, but could be useful for stealthy photos of wildlife, etc

  • @PhilMyself what are you thoughts on the x2 digital zoom for video. How much does quality suffer?

  • @gib Photography for there are better systems. . . I would rather use the GH3 for film