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GH3 for timelapse work
  • Hi, does anyone here have info on following yet:

    • is the full 60-1/4000 shutter speed range available in electronic shutter mode or is the slowest speed limited to 1 second like on G5? ( Answered: it is limited to 1 second. )

    • what are the options in built-in intervalometer? Can the interval be lower than one second? Is there a setting for unlimited number of images or is 9999 maximum it will allow?

    • what is the fastest burst mode that allows automatic exposure between frames?

    • what is the save delay in burst mode and can it save previous shot while taking next one? In practice, can the equivalent of 360 degrees shutter angle be achieved at any shutter speed?

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  • THe bigger Question is: Is it possible, to send the Cam to sleep between Shots? Example: I want a Picture every 10 Minutes for about 24 hours. When it goes to sleep after every shot and wakes up himself, then it is possible.

  • I think most reliable way of capturing 24 hours or more is to use an external battery pack or mains power and let the camera stay on for the whole time without sleeping.

    I've used GH2 with 12v car battery, 12v to 9v transformer, a DC coupler and a JJC intervalometer. Depending on car battery AH capacity, it can stay on for up to a week. Even more is possible with very large 12v batteries.

    When using lead acid batteries, one thing to remember is to use a drain protector between camera transformer and battery, or else the battery might get completely drained and can't be recharged anymore. Cheap drain protectors are often available at stores that sell 12v car refrigerators and other car accessories.

    Of course other kinds of high-capacity external batteries will also work well, car batteries are just one of the most affordable options.

  • Does anybody know if its possible to get the time laps like a movie (as its viewed inside the GH3) directly or do I have to first import it to AE or a NLE program?

  • The Cam goes to sleep after each shot, when the interval is longer as 5 minutes. This is necessery for example if you shoot all 15 oder 60 minutes 1 PIcture the whole day or night. Otherwise it would be finish after 4 hours (Battery empty).

    YOu have to import it to a Video-Software like Premiere Pro to create a Movie. But it should be easy.

  • Are multiple exposures possible in timelapse mode (not with external timer)? I started playing around with the timelapse function but couldn't figure out if it is my lack of knowledge about the cam or if it is simply not possible.

  • What's the maximum footage time capturable with 1 second electronic shutter, 64GB memory card? What are reasonable battery solutions? (An car battery seems a bit heavy handed, but hey, maybe that's the way to go!) Thx!

  • @jfilmmaker Depends on the shot interval you select and the playback speed. I would recommend 2 second intervals to preserve the 180 degree shutter rule. 16:9 GH3 RAWs take up around 14MB each, so 64GB = 65536MB or 4681 frames. That is over 3 minutes of footage at 24fps playback. In my opinion you would be best served to invest in the battery grip, the camera will literally run all day long on two batteries and the electronic shutter uses hardly any power.

  • @tron Oh, okay, thanks!

  • beautiful timelapse video!

  • @Tron

    As far as I understand, 180 degree shutter angle rule is mostly about creating motion blur at 24/25 fps that helps to get (specific kind of) perception of movement for subjects that viewers are used to seeing in realtime. Human subjects especially tend to move at a set range of speeds, and motion blur they create at 1/48 or 1/50 shutter speed is close to what many perceive as "natural". This can be tested with moving people, faces changing expressions etc. So for example, at 50 fps I'd still use 1/50 shutter speed to keep that same motion blur, even if it is equivalent to 360 degree shutter angle.

    Since timelapse is not perceived as realtime, and different interval and shutter speed combinations create different kind of perception of movement depending on the subject, getting aesthetically pleasing movement and motion blur is more complicated. I'd say equivalent of 360 degree shutter is a better try in many cases. There are exceptions of course.

    Funny thing about capturing slices of time is that the further you go from trying to capture realtime in human perspective, the more of a mindscrew it becomes...

  • Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting my Macbook Pro, OS10.8.2, to read the Panasonic GH3 specific .RW2 raw files so that I can make a timelapse video. SilkyPix that game with GH3 can read the .RW2 files, but no other Mac application that I have can also read them, and no application I have can read and assemble them in bulk ala movie. Anyone have advice on this???


  • I'm going to ask a dumb question. Why the hell does that TL video of the carnival look like a miniature set? It's just amazing looking.

  • @vicharris the GH3 has a miniature setting, which mimics the use of a tilt shift lens (blur is applied to the top and bottom of the footage) and frames are dropped to create the timelapse effect, the miniature mode also boosts saturation a little, all of this can be done quite easily in post, but in cam can look effective, best used when looking down at wide landscapes.
    PS. There are no dumb questions :)

  • That particular timelapse was made with the ARAX TILT adapter if you read the description, so any in-camera effect was probably not used.

  • The website got informed by Panasonic that they are will fix the intervalometer issue with the next firmware!

    Hmm. Good news.

  • So does using a TILT adapter make it look like it's fake? Not questioning anyone, I'd just like to know. It looks like something from a Tim Burton movie and I like it!

  • @vicharris, it put's your focal point at one area while the rest is essentially blurred/out of focus. You just need to be far enough back where it makes it looks good with everything scaled down. Commercially, I've seen this used on an AllState commercial and also in the movie Social Network where the twins lose their rowing competition. There's a post here with some examples from GH2 owners here.

  • @vicharris an interesting post if you want to explore creating a tilt adapter quite easily for m43 using a body cap and rear lens cap from some legacy lenses can be found here..

  • Ahhhhh, thanks guys. Good info!

  • hey there pips!
    first I'll leave here my last two posts, I think may be of timelapsers' interest
    Desert deflicker for rawtherapee and TLtools both free plugin and program

    this TL world is very dense, I have so many questions... but I'll go easy:
    given same size of frame, is there any difference when keyframing a motion/animating a (tif) image sequence or a (uncompressed) video file in after effects (or other composing apps)?


  • It is not very interesting view, but as I am still training and making lots of last minute changes it is more handy to just point the camera out of the window

    SOUNDTRACK Cocktail mix of Beastie Boys' Just a Test + Juan Profundo's A pom pom + el inimitable maestro François Vallaeys' Agranda La Puerta Padre + Boards of Canada's Into The Rainbow Vein + Ada Milea's nari irish and still some Ryuishi Sakamoto's background hisssssssssss :D

    The bigger IQ loss I noticed was on roundtrip conversion from MOV to AVI; which I end up doing with iFFmpeg (had some issues with Quicktime); and of course from final master output to x264, anyway I used this A2 handbrake preset,
    Is there natively for mac a better way of transcoding MOV to AVI and viceversa without IQ loos?
    I found TEncoder but win version only and can only run it 32 bit mode...


  • @maxr

    I am not sure about this, but MPEG Streamclip is worth trying: