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GH2 footage importing as 30p
  • so we had a 2 camera shoot this weekend 2 gh2's hacked to the exact same settings(i even used the same file) both cameras were setup to shoot 72060p SH 1 cam did fine the other is log and transfering thru fcp and is coming out as 1080 30p? theyre mts files not mjpeg. the only difference i can think of is the card in the cam that shot the 30p stuff wasnt formatted before shooting with it. the cam doesnt even shoot avchd 30p does it?
    Screen shot 2011-09-20 at 11.34.20 PM.png
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  • The only thing I can think of is you accidentally set that camera up FSH which is 1080 60i. It does say it's interlaced and not progressive.
  • I often switch the camera into S mode, take RAW pictures, then forget to set the camera back to movie mode and get 29.97 footage as a result... hate it, hate it, hate it...
  • @NickBen Easy way to stop from accidentally doing that is to disable the movie button
  • ah...thanks for your input guys thats exactly what happened. I was snapping a bunch of pics and didnt switch back to movie mode. It looks cool, lucky enough for us we had a gopro up underneath the watermelon for the slo mo.